Friday Photo Blogging: HMS Warrior, the first ironclad

An opportune reappearance of decent weather means you get an actual photograph on FPB this week. This is HMS Warrior, moored up about three minutes walk from my workplace; an almost totally reconstructed version of the first ironclad battleship.

HMS Warrior 2

There’s just something about Brunel-era Victorian engineering, as I’m sure steampunk aficionados would agree.


It’s been firestorm of music reviews yet again this week; a lot of short deadlines to meet, and as I’m away tomorrow I needed to get them all nailed early.

A couple of items of mine published this week that I’d like to share:

News just in today: it looks like I will indeed be interviewing Henry Rollins at some point in the next few months, which is nothing short of awesome – and a smidgen scary also.

Plus I’m on the guestlist for Electric Eel Shock‘s album launch party in London next Friday! They’re an awesome (and hilarious) live act, and it’ll be very cool to see them in such a tiny intimate venue … plus have a chat with them beforehand, of course. Man, I love this music journo thing.

As far as non-music writing goes, I got my review of Shepard’s Dagger Key submitted, and (as you may have noticed) I actually posted something other than a links-list here at VCTB. Otherwise, I’ve not been doing quite the usual amount of writing …

… unless you count hours of fiddling around with template files on my local test installation of WordPress, with the aim of knocking together a functional SEO-friendly theme for my soon-to-be-launched music blog. CSS and PHP aren’t as intuitive as I might like, suffice to say.

I think I’m just going to get the load order sorted, and worry about the aesthetics later. Any web-devs who’d like to help me with prettifying it, get in touch – I’ve accepted the fact that unless I pay someone who knows what they’re doing, it’ll end up as ugly as VCTB. And that’ll do me no favours whatsoever!

Books and magazines seen

Another week devoid of reading material arriving in the post. But hey, I’m good with that. Given the postal strike, there probably won’t be any next week either … but the unintentional breathing space that will come from a lack of books and/or promo CDs means that I’ll have a few days to attack the new “titles for review” list for Interzone. Ah, an editor’s work is never done, y’know!

But I should still get some spare time for delving deeper into Ian McDonald’s Brasyl, which so far seems just as good as everyone has been saying it is.


And so the fascinating doings of my week have now been laid bare in the traditional manner. I always find it a bit odd that the weeks that feel busiest seem to look smaller when typed out. There’s probably a good reason for that … and if the three of you who actually read this weekly drivel would care to suggest it, please go ahead!

As mentioned above, I’m off out of town tomorrow to the Pulse International Poetry Festival in (hopefully) sunny Brighton, to man a stall with my fellow T&Gers and generally do my completely-unpretentious-really poet thing.

Plus I shall be meeting up with fellow Friday Flash Fictioneer and all-round good egg SCG for luncheon and a beverage or two – which will be excellent, as I’ve not seen him since Eastercon.

So if any other VCTB readers are in the Brighton area tomorrow, drop me an email if you fancy meeting up at some point.

But now, of course, it is time for The Friday Curry of Legend, Justice and Supreme Righteousness … because how else should one greet the arrival of the weekend? Whichever way you may choose to greet or celebrate it, be sure to have a good one. Hasta luego, amigos!

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