Friday Photo Blogging: Holocaust Memorial

As it’s been a week for remembering the dead, I guess this image of the controversial Berlin Holocaust Memorial is sort of appropriate:

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

Also, this shot visually encapsulates how I was feeling for the bulk of the period since last week’s FPB…

In short, I acquired some sort of nasty plague or another. Felt pretty tired Friday night, so stayed in and read a book. Woke up very late on Saturday with a woolly head and a sense of impending doom, so I sent Shaun my apologies and said I’d not be going to see the gig with him after all, shambled out to do some chores and went back to bed quite early.

From Sunday to Wednesday I managed to average about eight hours awake out of each twenty-four; my sinuses felt like they were packed with freshly poured warm concrete, I had no appetite whatsoever and thinking coherently was a genuine effort[1].

Thankfully things started to clear down in the later half of Wednesday, and yesterday I was up and about and back to work again, and today I’m feeling comparatively chipper (though still pretty tired). All of which is rather uninteresting, granted, but it’s been included here to explain why I’m not going to have a lot to say about the past week. So…

Writing about music

Boy, am I glad I have other people reviewing for The Dreaded Press. I only yesterday wrote up last Wednesday’s gig…

Album of the week

One of my own reviews went live this week, because it was written last week (my schedule fu is strong). And so I commend unto you Live at Roadburn by Earthless:

… if you find the idea of twenty-minute tunes that consist chiefly of a solid rock rhythm decorated with oodles of super-fast pedal-drenched blues-scale fretboard meanderings a turn off, Earthless are not the droids you are looking for, and you can go about your business.

Right up my street.

Writing about books

I’ve hardly been able to read[2], so writing has been out of the question.


See above; web development requires a degree of coherency that has been sorely lacking.


Managed to scatter out some Futurismic blogging in my awake hours, but they were all a bit waffled and unfocused. Luckily Jonathan’s essay was in early and already set up to post. And hey – we’ve just accepted two new stories, which means we’re a month and a half ahead on fiction (theoretically)!

Books and magazines seen

Some non-fiction goodness: Quantum by Manjit Kumar, which is just the sort of pop-sci / history / biography mash-up I like. It’s also a big thick tome, so hell knows when I’ll have time to attack it…

Quantum - Manjit Kumar

Also the paperback of Charlie StrossThe Clan Corporate, which looks absolutely miniscule – are we seeing a return to the skinny novels of days gone by, or is that too much to hope for?

The Clan Corporate - Charles Stross


So, what else has happened? Not much, all told – although a guy called me up yesterday and took advantage of my tiredness to offer me a replacement for my now-ailing Nokia phone. I remember asking a lot of direct and simply-worded questions, and I’m pretty convinced that the terms and price of my contract aren’t changing as a consequence, so I think I’ll be OK. Also means I have another handset to flog off… a bit of spare cash is always good this time of year, after all.

Missed last week’s gig, but about ten minutes after I post this I’ll be roaring off to Brighton in a friend’s car to catch Russian Circles and These Arms Are Snakes… and by luck, Shaun C Green is celebrating his birthday at the same show. Given the week I’ve had, I doubt I’ll be drinking… but even so it’ll be nice to get out of town and have the cobwebs shaken loose from my brain by some loud music.

But that means I must be away and doing stuff, so I’ll wish you all a good weekend. Take care of yourselves!

[ 1 – Yeah, yeah, “no change there, then”. ]

[ 2 – I did try, and the actual reading bit was possible; remembering exactly what I’d read two minutes afterwards wasn’t happening, though. ]

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