Friday Photo Blogging: Kerbdog

Ah, there’s nothing to compare to seeing a much-loved band you missed the first time around… especially when you blag in for free and get to stand beyond the barrier and take photos. Ladies and gentlemen, Cormac Battle of Kerbdog:

Cormac Battle of Kerbdog

The new lens makes sharp colour shots a much more realistic proposition, as you can see. Problem is, being very wide aperture, there’s virtually no zoom whatsoever… and the autofocus doesn’t work in conjunction with my D40[1], so it’s all seat-of-the-pants positioning gambles, manual focus and a lot of luck.

That said, I got a few good shots – and practice will improve matters, I expect. Check out my review of the show if you’re in the mood.

Writing about music

A full five-article week, but still leaving the news posts aside for the sake of productivity. Unsurprisingly, I’m a lot less subconsciously resentful of TDP when I’m not working so flat out on it

Album of the week

Without the slightest shred of doubt, Send Flowers by Black Lungs, which is everything that earnest folk-tinged punk rock should be, and makes Rancid sound like the tired cash-in clichés they have been for years.

Seriously – if you’ve found yourself becoming allergic to the very word ‘punk’ (and I know I have), Black Lungs may restore your faith in the genre’s potential to communicate authentically. Great stuff.

Writing about books

Thanks to other tasks, very little lit-crit work completed this week; my weekend activities chewed up what little spare time I had. However, big deck-clearing session ahead.


Technically, I have been writing about books, or rather a book – around midnight last night I sent off a fifteen page report on the mammoth manuscript I was sent for critique, and writing that beast was not merely a long job but a tough one. Many parts of it will be reusable in future, though, so it’s a time investment. Sending off a fairly beefy invoice this morning felt pretty good, also!

Other freelance stuff is ticking over, but – as with the lit-crit – there’s some serious deck-clearing on the horizon.


The next Futurismic story is bought and paid for, and ready to post automatically in my absence on 1st September. Always feels good to be ahead of the game.

In related news, I appear to have upset someone by criticising Orson Scott Card’s homophobia.[2] wh00t!

Books and magazines seen

The first {$postbox = null} week for a long time. Feels weird in some ways, but I’m not complaining.


Oh, it’s so close! Exactly seven days from the time this post goes live, I’ll be rolling across Germany in a big fast train, about an hour away from arriving in Berlin[3]! Accommodation is confirmed, I’ve got my Rough Guide dog-eared, and I’m really looking forward to my first proper holiday in a good few years. A whole glorious week of copious reading time, plus high culture by day and loud music by night – woohoo!


And not only am I off to Berlin next week, but as of today I’m off from the day-job for three weeks – which means plenty of time to blitz at my freelance work and get those decks cleared down, while still having enough time in the day to, I dunno, sit on my arse and read or play guitar if I feel like it. Isn’t it funny how our definitions of decadence change as we get older? 🙂

And on that note, I’m gonna sign off on FPB for this week and roll on out for The Friday Curry Of Legendary Repute. I believe this is one of those rare occasions where the US and the UK have a long weekend at the same time, so it gives me great pleasure to wish you all a doubtless well-deserved break. Enjoy yourselves! Hasta luego, amigos.

[ 1 – No AF drive on the camera body, y’know. That’ll school me not to buy from the bottom rung of the tech ladder, wot? ]

[ 2 – It’s Card’s right as a free American to hate gay people, you see, but not mine to speak out against it. Riiiight. ]

[ 3 – I’ll also have been up and about from 5am the same day, so coherence will probably be somewhat lacking by that point. ]

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