Friday Photo Blogging: like watching paint peel

So, what with all the sunny weather, I’ve surely been out taking photos, right? Well, no, as it happens – but then the regulars among you won’t be surprised by that in the least.

Instead, here’s a shot from the set I took last year in the dead floor above where I work (and from where the current VCTB header image was sourced, fact-fans):

No. 12 Store 009

Mmmmm. Decay. The appropriateness of this image will become clear further down, I think.

Writing about music

A slow week for releases, so not too hectic. Having Duncan on board is definitely helping.

Album of the week

Not an album but a three-track single: if 51 Breaks can take the sound they’ve got on “Blueprints” and get some stronger lyrical content going on, they’ll be ones to keep an eye on.

Writing about books

The Snow Crash essay… it taunts me, so it does. It’s well over two-thirds written, but I’m struggling to bridge the two halves of the piece in a satisfactory way. This mountain will be conquered over the weekend, mark my words[1]!


Things are trundling on nicely; just started that new project I mentioned last week (the domain name is all registered and the preliminary software installs are done), and looking forward to giving it some legs.

Manuscript critiquing is actually easier than I thought, but it can be very frustrating; the upside is that it gives you concrete examples for all those bits of advice you’ve picked up over the years. Once you’ve had to read an entire novel-length script by someone who isn’t yet clued into “show, don’t tell”, you’ll never write that way yourself again[2]

More unexciting news that I’m nonetheless pleased enough to tell you about – I finished my monster spreadsheet and shoved all the numbers in, and I got my accounts for last year to balance! wh00t!

Granted, I hardly did any business last year, but it’s a proof-of-concept for my spreadsheet ledger thingy[3], which should make doing this year’s accounts much easier.

I suspect it won’t make them any more fun, though… that’s ten excruciatingly dull hours I’ll never get back, but they were well invested. Do you grok the picture now? That was my brain when I finished.

Futurismic – new story up *right now*

It’s the first of the month, which means new fiction time at Futurismic. As I’ve mentioned before, I think Alex Wilson’s “Dry Frugal With Death Rays” is a super story, but I’m prepared to accept that I may be biased…

… which is why you should go read it and let me (and Alex) know what you thought in the comments[4].

Books and magazines seen

Zilch, zip, zero, de nada. Nothing to see here.

Well, apart from my Moleskines… which really are as nice to write in as people say. An ergonomic triumph: it opens out flat! The spine bends but doesn’t spring back! The paper is nice and thick! There’s a wee pocket in the back for your business cards, receipts and stuff!

That said, they’re damn pricey. But the portability and joy-of-use means I’m actually taking more notes, so it may be money well spent in the long run.


And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. You get a super-short Coda this week, because I’m off to have my arm mapped. Yes, you read that right.

In fact, I’ll have finished this post about an hour before it appears, because I didn’t want to have to come home and finish it after the arm-mapping and make myself late for The Friday Curry… 😉

Have a great weekend, folks, especially those going to WorldCon – pictures, tweets and posts will be considered suitable recompense to assuage my jealousy. Hasta luego, amigos!

[ 1 – Seriously, I just want to finish the damned thing. I’m still happy with my argument and everything, but extracting it from my head and bashing it into a coherent shape has been a real marathon. ]

[ 2 – I like to think I’ve never written anything that dull. I hope I’m not kidding myself. ]

[ 3 – It’s easy enough with one bank account, but if you’re using PayPal a lot and dealing in different currencies for invoices from time to time… well, let’s just call it a learning curve. ]

[ 4 – Ah, you never saw that coming, did you? Muah-ha-hah! My powers of persuasion are… erm… persuasive? ]

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