Friday Photo Blogging: Liverpool nights

This will be a brief FPB, because I have to get my train home fairly soon. So here’s a shot of a street in Liverpool from when we were heading to Chinatown for a meal on Wednesday night:

Liverpool at dusk

Colourful sunset, I thought.

Well, you already know what I’ve been doing all week, and I have no incoming materials to report … or rather, I expect I have a mailbox brimming with those red cards the postman leaves when you’re not in to receive stuff, but what they relate to will remain to be seen.

I’ll say it again though – I’ve had a super week, met some great people and learned loads of good stuff. I’m looking forward to getting home, though, and hoping that I’ve not battered my immune system too badly with latenights and restaurant meals. What the hell – even if I have, it’s been a more than worthy sacrifice.

One hanging point is – how the hell will I have The Friday Curry? I’ve got a six hour journey home on the train, and probably won’t get in to Velcro City until well past 9pm … which isn’t too late, of course, but whether I’ll be in the mood for a takeaway after a long tenure in the vagueries of the UK rail networks remains to be seen.

Still, that’s my problem, not yours. Your problem is to have yourselves a good weekend. Everything here at VCTB should be back to normal by Monday. Until then, take care.

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