Friday Photo Blogging: lizards at dawn

Digging in the crates yet again, I’m afraid.

Here’s four foot of iguana watching the sunrise over the Caribbean at Tulum in Mexico, where I’d much rather have been based for most of this chilly week*:

Tulum iguana

I don’t even need to explain, do I? That lizard knew the score, I tell you. I could see it in his eyes, and his disdainful demeanour.

Writing about music:

Plenty of music hackery has taken place, though nothing of particularly majestic note in the last seven days; I assume those of you with a keen interest in such things are already subscribed to The Dreaded Press**!

With the exception of the Munroe Effect show last Friday (which was a rare gig-for-pleasure), I’ve not been out reviewing or interviewing this week.

However, this Sunday sees me off the Brighton to review The Dillinger Escape Plan, and next week Gallows and F*cked Up (and others) are playing just down the road from me. Busy, busy, busy!

Writing about books:

My critical facilities (as concerned with literature) remain unexercised.


This has been the main time drain once again, though things are starting to settle – watch out for the brand new site layout and theme to come over the weekend! The first new piece of fiction is ready to roll out of the door, and things are shaping up on the non-fiction front as well.

I will (as I keep threatening) talk more about my plans for Futurismic, but at the moment time is of the essence, and I at the moment feel it’s better to execute plans rather than talk about them***.

Books and magazines seen:

A care package came from Orbit with a bunch of fantasy titles and the paperback edition of Ken MacLeod’s The Execution Channel; I have no need of the latter, as I already have the hardback (and an A4 typescript from when I was sent it to review for Interzone ages back).

I may think up some crafty contest in which I can give it away to some lucky reader. Hmmm …


For them what ain’t aware, ’tis PicoCon at Imperial College London all day tomorrow. Guests of honour are the legendary Cory Doctorow, the charming and erudite Liz Williams and the endearingly geeky Paul Cornell – further details at the ICLU website.

The most it’ll cost you to get in is £8, and there promises to be a good showing from the Third Row Fandom crew and certain of their auxiliary and ancillary members (including myself), so if you’re at a loose end you could do far worse than turn up.

If you are already going (or decide to after reading this verbose yet highly persuasive exhortation), please look out for me and say hello. I’ll be easily identified as the tall shabby hippie who tries to force a flyer for Futurismic into your hand**** …

Completely unrelated-to-anything announcement:

I’m very seriously contemplating selling my laptop and getting an ASUS Eee instead, as the latter can do everything I use my laptop for in a smaller and more efficient package. That is all.


Another swift and sweet FPB this week. As I have to be up and about at ZOMFG o’clock tomorrow to catch a train, and will have little time for writing-type work during the day, I’ve got lots to sort out this evening – including (but not limited to) an interview for TDP, and Friday Free Fiction at Futurismic.

And of course there is the Sacred And Virtuous Curry Of Fridayness to be crammed into the schedule (and my stomach) … so I’ll thank you all for reading and bid you a good weekend.

Hasta luego, amigos y amigas. Suerte!

[ * That said, the place I stayed in when I was there was a terrible sh*thole full of drunk Italian teenagers, but there are some awesome beach huts for hire. ]

[ ** When VCTB’s subscriber count is matched by TDP’s, I promise to stop hustling like this. In other words, subscribe and save yourself the agony. Capiche? ]

[ *** Those who have known me for a long time will probably find this sentence hilariously funny. ]

[ **** Or possibly Cory Doctorow’s hand. Most likely both, though. ]

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