Friday Photo Blogging: Mayan columns at Chichen Itza

Here’s an archive shot from my mission in Mexico in 2003 – some part-ruined columns at Chichen Itza, to be precise, on what was a beautiful and blistering hot day:

Chichen Itza, Mexico (2)

Why? Because I’m having one of those days when I wish I was travelling the world, with no plans, duties or obligations to discharge – and my memories of Mexico (apart from a few scattered days of home-sick despondency, nail-biting financial re-evaluation and out-right culture-shock panic) are very much of carefree good times.

{closes eyes, and breathes deeply} Aaaaah. Freedom.


Well, back to reality. And to avoid looking like someone fishing for pity, I’d just like to point out that all the things bugging me today are artefacts of my own failure at planning and organising things properly, and I lay no blame at the feet of anyone or anything, except my own nature.

In fact, I’ve actually done pretty well for being organised this week. I met all my deadlines, including organising the “books to be reviewed” list for Interzone 212, and actually had extra spare time last night to sit down and read for an hour and a half. At the expense of the washing up, I might add, but life’s too short for chores sometimes.

The big outputs of the week were due to me interviewing Bob Balch – lead guitarist from one of my favourite bands, Fu Manchu – and then seeing their show afterwards on Sunday night. Mr. Balch was an easy-going interviewee and the gig was excellent too – but it meant another pair of 1500 word pieces (one of which being an audio transcription) to write, in addition to the usual clutch of CD reviews. Added to doing the IZ reviews list for the first time, and the regulation blogging for Futurismic, that spelled a whole lot of work – and a week of making damn sure I got out of bed on time, which I’m proud to note I achieved every day but Monday.

My organisational angst comes from the fact that I misconstrued the timetable of the (now very imminent) SF Criticism Masterclass, and booked my train tickets without clarifying … end result being that the money I’ll save by staying one night less than I expected in a pricey hotel has already had to be allocated to buying a replacement for the non-refundable advance ticket I already bought on the assumption of leaving later. One simple email, and I’d have saved myself a lot of time and money (which are both in short supply at the moment). Oh well – you live and you learn … and, in my case, pick up a few Dunce of the Month awards in the process.


Nothing to report in the incoming materials section this week – which balances out the surprise arrival of the entire John Meaney backlist last week. Having been a good boy (ahem) and kept up with most of my allotted tasks, I should have plenty of time to catch up on the review jobs I have in the pipeline.


How merciful for you lot, then – a short FPB for a change, even if it did come top-heavy with self-castigation and arm-flailing. And merciful for me, too, because I’ve spent too much time staring at screens and keyboards this week already. Which isn’t to say I’m about to stop for the week (a blogger’s work is never done, you know), but it does mean I intend to keep the bursts of activity as short and separated as possible.

And that first separation will occur within a short time of this bundle of digital words scurrying forth onto the intartoobs. For, as it is Written, I must Go Forth, Procure and Consume the Perpetual Curry of Fridayness. I hope you’re all off to do something appropriately weekend-ish, too. Have fun!

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