Friday Photo Blogging: More Street Art

FPB, y’all. Check it.



Yet more weird and freaky quasi-graffiti from local scribbler ANOR, who appears to be on a binge at the moment. While I don’t actively advocate the defacement of public or private property, I have to be honest and admit that I don’t mind seeing this sort of thing around at all. It’s that whole interstitial urbanism thing, you know.

Whoa, what a week. It’s been half term for the local schools, which means that the library has been inundated by hordes of petulant or mouthy kids, as well as a healthy dose of stressed and snappy parents thereof. Suffice to say, it’s been a real teethgrinder. Add to that the mid-week outage, and a few other minor factors, and it feels like I’ve hardly had time to sleep.That having been said, I managed to get some important things done on my afternoon off yesterday, the most major (and time consuming) of which was filling in an application for a new job. This is mostly on the off-chance, really – it’s a civil service post, and I’m not sure they’ll be keen on my rather random employment history of the last decade or so, but there’s no harm in trying. Especially considering that the full-time salary advertised is nearly half again what I earn at the moment, and they are offering part time posts – if I was to land it, I’d be able to devote more time to writing and still be earning a comparable amount of money. That sounds pretty damn sweet from where I’m sat.



Publications arriving at the Hall of Mirrors this week are the latest issue of Doug Rushkoff’s Testament (which is a brilliant comic, as far as I’m concerned), and my first issue of Apex Digest, which in my limited experience looks to be a very nicely produced small-press fiction mag indeed. You can expect a review once I’ve read it – hopefully over the weekend, as I’ve nearly finished reading Grimwood’s reMix.

Well, that’s about all for this week, except to announce (as if anyone cared) that I’m going to splash out on a wi-fi router, probably this one. Why? Because I want one, basically, and I feel like getting to grips with the wireless era – plus it’d be nice to stream music around the house without laying loads of cable, but that’ll require further investment. Thankfully, the holiday season is not too distant …

OK, so I’m off to finish that Grimwood while I sink a beer waiting for the Friday balti. Next week should actually feature a few posts that aren’t link dumps (and will hopefully have a decent quota of those too, web2.0 permitting.) Have a good weekend, ladies and gents. Hasta luego!

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