Friday Photo Blogging! My finest hour (so far)

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to indulge in a brief spate of patting-my-own-back on a dark wet Friday evening:

Hunters of Dune interview

That is (on the left) my review of Hunters of Dune, next to (on the right) my interview with Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson in the current issue of Interzone (#207). Two whole pages of an internationally distributed science fiction magazine, arguably the best and oldest in its field in this country – and all those words were produced by me. This is my proudest moment so far in my short career as a writer about writing. Go, me! I had a rant earlier in the week about some of the things that Kevin Anderson had to say about the state of the genre, if you’re interested.


It has been a busy week for magazines, as it happens. In addition to Interzone, my mailbox has been host to the Winter issue of Obsessed With Pipework (a poetry magazine from Flarestack Publishing), and just this morning my first issue of Electric Velocipede has winged its way over from the US.

Plenty of stuff to read, then … but one must prioritise, you know, having just received a new book to review for Vector – that book being the marked galley proof of Charles Stross’s Jennifer Morgue, no less. Still not released over here in the UK, by the way. Yeah, I know, you’re jealous and you hate me. Wearin’ my chufty badge, y’all.

Oh yeah, and the wifi router finally arrived too – after having two online stores inform me (once I’d made an order with them, naturally) that when their stock count said ‘6 in stock’ it actually meant they had none, and would likely have none in the foreseeable future. Meh. It’s here now, though, so all I have to do is find a spare afternoon to set the damned thing up. Selah.

For those of you who found last week’s attempt at futurist prolepsis interesting (or amusing, or inflammatory, or whatever) can now check out the whole collection of commissioned essays over at The Huge Entity – all of which make mine look childish, spontaneous and poorly written by comparison, IMHO.


Not much else of great excitement to report – it’s been one of those weeks that fly by in a furore of things to do that, in retrospect, don’t seem to amount to a great deal of anything. My work colleagues and I are becoming increasingly convinced that some sort of hallucinogenic or otherwise psychotropic chemical is being released into the regional water supply, because incidents of high grade weirdness in the library seem to be on a marked ramp-curve of recurrence. Or, in layman’s terms, “we’ve had a bag-load of nut-cases, and then some.” I can’t go into detail for legal reasons, but suffice to say that if I ever find the time to start the library comic strip I’ve been kicking around for the past two years, the last month will have provided a wealth of material for it.

Work tomorrow, so easy on the beers this evening I think. But less so on Sunday, when I’m off to Southampton with a few mates to see Amplifier, a band whose latest album I reviewed the other week, and who are probably my favourite UK rock band at the moment. A busy weekend, all in all. Which means I’d better stop talking to you lot and go fetch the Friday Curry!

Adios, amigos.

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