Friday Photo Blogging: Oceansize, live

Thanks to some advice from people who actually know much more about cameras than which end to point at people (cheers, Katie and Stu) I managed to get some halfway decent shots of Oceansize at their gig last night:

I think the ranging light must have caught his attention! More Oceansize portraiture here, if you’re interested. A fine gig by an excellent band, who I commend to anyone who likes guitar music with brains.

Writing about music

Writing work has been comparatively thin on the ground this week, thanks to the postal strike capturing large numbers of promo CDs deep in the system.  Some finally turned up this morning, but unless some more arrive tomorrow, there are going to be some deadlines which I cannot meet without completely making it all up …

[That muted roar you’ve been hearing all week is nothing to do with the rugby World Cup – it’s the sound of music industry PR companies and magazine editors across the country howling in impotent rage.]

However, I finished and sent in my review of last week’s Electric Eel Shock album launch party (which was a lot of fun, and well worth the epic journey (and even more epic hangover)). Should be live sometime soon, I’m hoping.

Just because there’s been no work to do for other people doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy, though. I’ve almost got the base code for my reviewing website ready to roll out to the public, although it’s still as ugly as sin.

And, as mentioned earlier, I had to migrate this very blog to a different host – so I’ve been doing an awful lot of webby techy stuff this week, and am quite proud at having not made any spectacular screw-ups … at least, none that I’ve noticed yet.

Writing about other stuff, and editing

Pretty much nothing, writing-wise; see above. Last weekend saw me knocking out the latest reviews selection list for my Interzone team – I’m getting faster at doing it, but there’s still plenty of scope for error and confusion. Give me five years, and I’ll have it nailed flawlessly!

The other editorial high-point was Futurismic getting a mention in PC Magazine’s 100 favourite blogs, as also mentioned earlier this week.

Books and magazines seen

The Orbit folks sent me yet another book about a vampire detective (seriously, is this not the most tired genre idea ever?) and a chunky Manga/anime housebrick about a family looking after an autistic child:

With The Light Vol.1 by Keiko Tobe

With The Light Vol. 1 by Keiko Tobe (Yen Press)

Unusually serious subject matter for manga comics, in my experience. Maybe I’ve just read all the wrong ones, but I’m sure that while reading it I’ll be subconsciously expecting the sudden appearance of pneumatic breasts and people doing very personal things with cephalopods. Ahem.


Well, unless my postal backlog materialises tomorrow morning, I’m going to have a weekend relatively free of music writing commitments – which should leave me ample time to sort out the T3A web reviews offer list, write up my interview with the Oceansize boys, do some final touches to my music reviews site, and install Ubuntu Linux on my laptop as an experiment …

Rock and roll, huh? I bet you wish you were going to have that much fun. But trust me – this level of enviable awesomeness isn’t suitable for everyone. Only the somewhat unhinged and socially maladjusted need apply! 🙂

So, it’s time for The Friday Curry, and then I’d better do the Friday Free Fiction round-up for Futurismic before considering a jaunt to the pub for a few beers and a chin-wag. Here’s hoping you all have a good weekend too. Hasta luego!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: Oceansize, live”

  1. I’m the same with manga. I’ve not read enough to be able to make geneeral recommendations, but I read this book yesterday, and at several points shed a manly tear. I’m sure there must have been dust in my eye, though, as I’m generally an old cynic and difficult to move in that way.

    I found the storytelling and artwork simplistic, but none less powerful for that. I’ll definitely be looking out for volume 2 when it is released.

    note: there is nothing remotely sf about this book

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