Friday Photo Blogging: pub sign Scrabble

Bit of a confusing title, no? But it’s about the only way to sum up what’s happening in the images below:



For them what knows Velcro City, that’s the outside of Parmiter’s on Albert Road. For them blessed ones what don’t know, this is what passes for high humour in this town, and hence merits being recorded by the medium of digital light capture. Yes indeed.

Writing about music

Easing back into the reviewing schedule, and sent out the first few outsourced titles of the year last weekend, so TDP is gradually ramping back up to deliver solid critical justice to the world of rock music for the year 2009.

Also, I may accidentally have found a new recruit who can not only write reviews but take awesome photographs. Woo-hoo for serendipity – the internet is a wonderful thing!

Album of the week

Well, it’s an easy decision as I’ve only written a review for one new CD this last week (though another is half-done in note form). But even so, I suspect Tundra by Enablers would still have made a strong showing in a busier week; post-rock meets spoken word in the great desolate outdoors… with whiskey and paranoia. Think of a more southerly Slint. Good stuff, though pretty dark in places.

Writing about books

Well, the Mind Over Ship review is maybe half-done[1], but I found out that I have a month longer to finish it than I thought. This is excellent news in some respects, as it means I don’t have to squeeze it in to the coming week, which promises to be pretty insane. It’s also bad news, as my mind has now flagged it as ‘priority: non-immediate’, which means the odds of me adding to it within the next seven days are very low. Selah.

I’ve been reading about philosophy and literary theory this last week, and my brain’s a bit tired of it, so it’s time to switch to fiction for a while. And as I have no pressing review titles in the fiction pile, that means I might be able to choose one that I (gasp!) just fancy reading for its own sake. What a weird idea…


This week’s freelance output feels like it has chiefly been expended in emails and administrivia. The trouble with the digital paper-pushing side of the gig is that when you do a huge amount of it in a short space of time, it still feels like you got virtually nothing worth doing accomplished. Not exactly a motivating sensation; the lesson here is for me to keep on top of this stuff on a day-to-day basis as far as possible.


All is well over at Futurismic, with the exception of some unexplained server slowness (not my fault this time!) and the ongoing screwedness of the Feedburner stats (which, as some cold comfort, appears to be bothering a lot of other people besides myself).

I’m in the process of sealing the deal on next month’s story, and next week sees a new column by an eminent figure of science fiction writing and criticism… an introduction will appear over the weekend, so keep an eye open, won’t you?

Books and magazines seen

None, nada, zip, zero, zilch. Given the rapid influx of music for review[2], though, that’s probably no bad thing!


Well, I got my leaving date on Tuesday – as of publication of this here post, I have five days of employment remaining! They’ve decided that there’s no need to keep me on for a transitional period, and so I’m a free agent as of the start of February.

Having that knowledge – and knowing how close it is – has made the whole thing a lot more real, and hence a lot more scary. But it’s a good kind of scary; the sort of scary that you got when you were about to jump out of a tall tree or off a large wall when you were little. Maybe it’s like the feeling you get just before leaping through the door to do your first parachute jump… but as I’ve yet to have the pleasure of that experience, I can only approximate it. Selah.

Still, as mentioned above this week has been pretty relentless, and filled principally with the sort of work that is little fun to do. So it’s a relief to be here at the gates of the weekend, with a clear run at tackling some bigger things over the weekend before hunkering down to my final week of working for The Man. w00t!

But on that note, I have things to finish up before I can relax this evening, so I hope you’ll excuse me getting the hell on with them. Have a great weekend yourselves. 🙂

[ 1 – or half-written, at least; the paring away of excess flesh will be a lengthy operation subsequent to the initial full draft. ]

[ 2 – not to mention the imposing Ballardian architecture of the ever-growing TBR pile. ]

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