Friday Photo Blogging: San Luis Potosi at dawn

Digging in the Mexico archives this week; major shortage of time has prevented interesting photographic excursions. So instead you can enjoy these shots of a major street in San Luis Potosi, about half an hour after dawn:

San Luis Potosi, Mexico (1)

San Luis Potosi, Mexico (2)

Ah, Mexico. I’d go back if I could. Hell, if I could have found a way to work legally over there, I’d probably never have come back at all. Lucky for you lot that a gringo can’t work over there on a tourist visa, eh? 🙂


Working – well, that’s been the topic of the week round here, hasn’t it? Just to update those of you not yet completely bludgeoned sensless by ennui resulting from my posting this week, I got a phone call on my way to work from my potential new employers to tell me that they’re really sorry for the delay, but they’re having problems finalising their decision for an assortment of reasons, and hence they won’t be able to give me a decision until next Wednesday.

Next Wednesday! Give me strength … they did tell me that I’m ‘very much still in the running’, so I suppose I should take heart from that. But this Schroedinger’s Job thing isn’t doing my nerves any good at all. Open the box, collapse the wave function, and report the aliveness (or otherwise) of the metaphorical cat, please – I’m all out of fingernails, and I don’t want to have to start on my toes, or (worse still) other people’s. Meh.


A large part of my wanting desperately to know whether I have this new job or not is so I can get on with planning out the next few months. They’re going to be incredibly busy, no matter the result of the interview, but the result will influence the manner in which that busyness will manifest itself. I have a lot of opportunities in the pipeline, most of which I’d best not talk about until there’s a greater degree of certainty attached to them, but suffice to say they could be a real step in the right direction for an aspiring freelance writer.

However, a few new developments have emerged that I can talk about, being as they are independent of my state of employment. The first of these is that, having now had part of my Ken MacLeod interview accepted for publication there, I am now part of the lower roster of reviewers for SF Site – there are some review copies winging their way to me as of today, I believe.

The second development was a message from Sir Niall of Harrison who, while wearing his ‘Editor at Strange Horizons‘ hat* , asked me if I’d like to review a short story anthology for the site in the near future. Because I’m a sucker for deadlines (and bylines), I accepted right off the bat – only afterward did I find out that I actually stand to be paid for the work! OK, so it’s a pretty nominal fee, but as a landmark in my nascent career as a writer, to be paid any amount for a piece of writing of any type for the first time will be big thing for me.

*[how many metaphorical heads does that guy have, anyway? The Cerberus of sf-nal reviewing, no less…]

Which reminds me, I need to look into registering myself as self-employed for tax purposes. I’ve been talking to a few people, and apparently the fact that I stand to earn little or nothing from writing for a good long while is actually the best possible reason to start keeping my accounts now – the idea of being able to reclaim the cost of Eastercon from my PAYE payments at my dayjob is a rather pleasant prospect indeed! If anyone reading know the ins and outs of being self-employed in the UK, your advice would be gratefully received.


Ah, yes – Eastercon. Well, I managed to book a room this morning (by phone, with a lady who sounded most unimpressed with my novelty surname and kept asking me for ‘the one that appears on the card, please’ – perhaps she’s had people trying to book under their badge names). Unsurprisingly all the single occupancy places were long gone, as were the twin rooms, so a double was my only option – which will make finding someone to share the room with a bit more challenging. If you’re reading this, are planning to attend Contemplation and haven’t yet booked a room, drop me a line – I’m quite happy to sleep on the floor to save myself half of the accommodation costs.

I might as well take this opportunity to announce my formal intentions to live-blog the entire con, too. Armed with camera, digital dictaphone and laptop, I shall descend on the Crowne Plaza Chester like … well, like a wanna-be journalist, basically. I’m going to try to secure interviews with some notables while I’m at it; if there’s anyone you’d like me to talk to on your behalf, or anything specific you’d like me to ask them, drop me a line – consider me the ultimate in sf-nal citizen journalism. A list of attending notables is available, and will probably be added to between now and the actual weekend of the con. I’m also trying to knock together a panel on the value of reviewing and criticism within the genre – interested parties, please get in touch.


Another fairly short week on incoming material; the latest issue of Talebones has turned up, but that’s about it. I remember rather enjoying the last issue, so it should be interesting to get my teeth nto it fairly soon. Though, that having been said, I’ve still not read the recent Apex Digest, which could probably do with reviewing. Lucky thing I’ve nearly finished the wacky but engrossing Mathematicians in Love by Rudy Rucker …


Well, that’s about all for this week – the fact that I’ve spent most of it waiting for phonecalls has been somewhat reflected in my blogging behaviour. But hey, at least I have a target date now – so what if it’s the third one I’ve been given? So, it’s time for the regulation Friday Curry, and to do a little preparation for the story I plan to write this weekend (in response to Mr. Chouinard’s unhinged but courageous challenge ) before heading to the pub to see my mates. Have a good weekend, ladies and gents; thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Hi, I found this site looking for info about jobs in SLP, I’m comming back home after 10 y in US. I believe I’ve been in the balcony where the pic was taken.
    Good luck with ur projects.

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