Friday Photo Blogging: sawtooth skyline

Yet another week of digging in the Flickr archives … though this is a comparatively recent shot.

Factory with a sawtooth skyline

I walk past that building every day (every work-day, at least), and the outline of the angles of the roof against the sky is always eye-catching. I’m sure I could do something more interesting with it, though. Selah.

Writing about music

As I expected, last weekend was a CD reviewing marathon thanks to the late arrivals of promos. There was a fair amount of other stuff to cover during the week, too – a real backlog situation, and no mistake.

I get the feeling the long-term repercussions of the postal strike will probably endure until the end of the year, to some extent at least. The fact that this week’s batch of CDs still isn’t here (four days after being posted from London) is not greatly encouraging.

Typed up my review and interview from the Oceansize show, and sent them in – hoping they’ll run next week, but can’t be sure. Scheduling is a funny old business, and one that I’m glad to be uninvolved in, to be honest. My review and interview with Electric Eel Shock is available now, if you’re interested.

The Dreaded Press is live!

After much faffing and fiddling and sorting things out, my independent reviewing site is pretty much ready for business, and is available for all to see (and mock my amateur design chops, no doubt – there’s still an amount of polish and tweak to apply). So, go take a look – and if you want to link it from your own blog or site, please feel free:

The Dreaded Press – rock and metal webzine

Of course, that’s just the easy bit finished. Now all I have to do is contact and build trust with a big bunch of PR outfits; solicit for albums and shows to review, and for artists to interview; write quality material on a daily basis as soon as I have enough subject matter; get the stuff posted up and looking pretty … and encourage people to read the thing, of course.

Not for the first time in recent years, I’m questioning my sanity – if not my basic ability to assess whether or not I’m capable of achieving as much as I think I am. Still, only one way to find out!

Writing about books

Nothing fully fleshed, but I’ve been scribbling notes in the wake of finishing Brasyl … which is a great book, but somehow not as great as I thought it was going to be.

Whether that’s a function of raised expectations or something else, I don’t know – but I don’t mean to demean it in any way. Vivid and fascinating, and rife with themes that persist at every layer of the narrative, there’s plenty to get enthusiastic about. It just didn’t blow my brains out quite as thoroughly as River Of Gods did. *shrugs*

Anyway, I’d better get on with writing it up this weekend, because I’m waaaay over my deadline for this piece, and not very happy with myself on that account. I haven’t sent out the list of books to the T3A web reviewers team yet, either … 🙁

Books and magazines seen

The much-delayed (but well worth the wait) BSFA mail-out arrived yesterday. Lots of good stuff in there, as usual, including interviews with Jo Fletcher and Richard Morgan in Vector.

Vector also includes my review of Rudy Rucker’s Mathematicians In Love, and I have an article in Focus on how and why writers should go about building their online presence (which a nervous part of me expects will raise some opprobrium from persons who, although not quite as tech-savvy as myself, know a lot more that I do about the actual "being an author" bit).

As a side note, the BSFA has a shiny new website – and about time too! I get the impression there’s more to come yet, but that’s a much more up-to-date and functional looking front-end for the organisation. More on this when I get a moment or two to poke around and think about it properly.


So, Halloween weekend. Days much shorter. Clocks going back. Meh.

I have a curious relationship with late autumn and winter, in that I like them on an intellectual level (seeing them as a natural and necessary regenerative part of the yearly cycle, not to mention a damn good excuse to stay indoors and read books) but loathe them at the physical level (as a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder).

I recently invested in one of those energy-saving bulbs that imitates the spectrum of sunlight, and I’m hoping that having installed it in my lounge office will prevent me from getting quite as low and mopey as I usually do. That said, this year I have more than enough work to keep me distracted from negative thinking, and it’ll be interesting to see what effect that has on my physiology as well.

And they say maintaining a cheery attitude helps, too – so here’s me facing the end of summertime with as defiant a grin as I can muster, which I shall wear on my way to fetch The Friday Curry Of Tradition And Justice.

I hope you all have fun celebrating Halloween (or Samhain, as I believe VCTB has a few practising pagans in its readership) in whichever way you find most appropriate, and that you have a good weekend in general.

[PS – no Friday Flash from me this week, due to other commitments leaving me not so much devoid of time as unable to think in the relevant creative manner when time was available. Sorry, gang.]

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