Friday Photo Blogging – shoegazers

Gah, curse this miserable season. The few moments of sunshine there have been this week have occurred when I have, perforce, had to be indoors. As a consequence I’m grumpy and my bodyclock is still wrecked… and I’ve not been out taking photos.

So here’s a group portrait of Aeroplane Attack, the band in which I make loud squalling noises with a guitar, as taken by our drummer Rusty Sheriff.

Shoes of the Shoegazers, part 65: Aeroplane Attack

That Converse sponsorship deal[1] is really working out well, despite Rusty’s insistence on rocking the Adidas. As an additional bonus, here’s the equipment with which I make the aforementioned noises:

Marshall DSL50 half-stack with stompboxes

Lovely. The temptation to deploy the thing at full volume at home in recent weeks has been difficult to suppress. Lucky for my neighbours that I’m a nice bloke at heart, eh?

Writing about music

The TDP slow-down has become a full stop, near as dammit. Waiting for a review from a friend to post early next week, and then I shall be putting up the webzine equivalent of the “Gone Fishing” sign for a week or so.

Album of the week

Not that there’s many to choose from, this week’s top pick is Satya by My Sleeping Karma. Buddha-flavoured psychedelic/stoner space-rock; music for, ah, sitting still to. Yes.

Writing about books

No sustained reviewing has been committed this week, though I’ve been taking notes on Melko‘s Singularity’s Ring (which I finished last night, as it happens).


The Pretty Big Project still awaits some final choices and finishing, so that’s on the simmer ring for now; T’other Project is proceeding slower than I’d like, principally because my brain is so damned slow at the moment that I can’t concentrate on anything properly and keep making a lot of silly mistakes as a result. Still, getting there slowly.

Lots of other little updates for other clients, too; it’s that time of year, I guess.

PS Publishing

I expect you’ve probably noticed the announcements over at PS Publishing regarding some of our plans for the company’s tenth anniversary, but I might just mention there’s more where that came from. Keep watching the skies!


Also having a bit of an unintentional slow-down over at Futurismic at the moment, partly because it’s a struggle to find anything genuinely newsworthy in amongst the OMG Ten Best [X]!!1 lists and silly season stories. But so it goes.

Books and magazines seen

Just the one incoming title of note this week, namely an ARC of Mind Over Ship by David Marusek.

David Marusek - Mind Over Ship

I went totally doolally over Marusek’s début novel Counting Heads when it came out, so I begged and pleaded with Niall to let me take this one on for Strange Horizons; Niall evidently can’t stand to witness a (theoretically) grown man debase himself in such a manner, so he caved in and got it sent over from the States. w00t!


Ludicrous how fast the week has passed, especially when compared to the productivity levels achieved… I suspect I’m partly ursine in origin, which would explain my imperative desire to curl up somewhere warm in early October and sleep through until mid-March, at which point to wake up and raise merry and energetic hell with the world in general. I have yet to find an employer sympathetic to this particular lifestyle pattern, however. Selah – at least you are spared my verbosity by the gloom, eh?

But here we are: it’s Friday, and The Allegedly Festive Season is next week. This year is almost done, and it feels like I only just started it! Still, it’s all just arbitrary temporal markers, innit? Now, I need to get some food going on before cracking on with some work… have a great weekend, girls and boys. Hasta luego!

[ 1 – No, we’re not actually sponsored by Converse. But we’d quite like to be sponsored by Mosrite, Electro Harmonix and Devi Ever. Just so you know, like. ]

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