Friday Photo Blogging: the axeman’s weapon

So, last week a rather sweet deal came up on my local music forum. Now, I wasn’t really in need of a new guitar, but as any other musician (even one as half-arsed as myself) will tell you, need isn’t a factor that enters into the equation where new instruments are concerned.

Bargain prices* and extreme sexiness are, however … so I am now the rather happy owner of this:

Fender John5 HHH custom Tele

For those who like details, she’s a Fender John 5 Triple Tele Deluxe. The chrome is a bitch to keep clean (especially with my “rest the weight on your pinkie” right-hand technique), but she plays beautifully and kicks out a great signal. I have yet to name her.

Writing about music

Stop press: the oft-delayed Ginger Wildheart interview finally went through! Literally just half an hour ago, in fact.

It was a bit of a hoopla job – transatlantic mobile-to-mobile phone calls are no picnic, and the man himself was in the waiting room of a tattoo parlour (where else?) but I actually have ten minutes of audible recorded conversation! What a marathon – but well worth it, though.

Other than that, nothing untoward to report – off to Cancer Bats tomorrow with SCG and one of my bandmates from Aeroplane Attack, though.

Album of the week

Another strong week, so I’m going to call it a tie for the top spot and you can choose the one that sounds more up your street, so to speak.

You can choose between Heavy Zooo, a surreal adventure with German down-tuned stoner-doom duo Beehoover, or the simple honest small-town punk rock of Cardiff’s Bedford Falls, whose début Savings And Loan is best described as sounding like Sugar performing Alkaline Trio songs. Or maybe the other way around.

You can also choose both, if you like. I won’t mind. 🙂

Writing about books


The really astonishing thing is that once it was finished and sent off, this huge psychological weight was lifted off of my shoulders – I hadn’t realised how much of an albatross of frustration it had become for me.

It was hard work, though; the sort of book I could write a dissertation on and still not say everything I wanted to.**

The Implied Spaces review is chalked in for Sunday, as is a chunk of reading time. I’ve been very sloppy on my reading recently; the easy excuse is to say that I’ve not had much free time, but I’d imagine the lack of reading has something to do with my lack of inspiration when I sit down to write. Hmmm.

Whether that’s the case or not, I need to read more. I have review deadlines, if nothing else!


Well, there’s plenty to keep me busy, that’s for certain. A regular flow of material through the PS Publishing Newsroom means that I should have little difficulty maintaining a regular schedule over there … which can be bolstered in future with my various cunning plans! Muah-hah-hah!

There’s web development work within clear sight, and a few other things looming on the horizon which may prove to be mirages but might well be solid ground. One thing’s for certain – I need to get myself a hosting reseller account sorted sooner rather than later.

And as if I didn’t have enough to do already, I’m trying to think of a good pitch for the Clarkesworld non-fiction section – though this is more as a speculative exercise on my part rather than something I have decided I should actually commit to doing.


Business pretty much as usual over on Futurismic; I’m just getting our fiction buying contract looked over before sending it off to the first author we’re buying from with me at the helm.

Definitely going to take on more staff over there, though, as I’m struggling in the absence of two of my regular crew. So, let me reiterate the call:

If you think you’d be interested in blogging at Futurismic on a regular basis, please drop me a note using the Futurismic Contact page and let me know why you’d be good for the site.


Books and magazines seen

Big old batch of Orbit stuff today, including some fantasy stuff for my mother and yet another vampire-shagger from the queen of the vampire-shaggers (who must at least be admired for her prodigious output rate, if nothing else).

The only one that caught my sf-nal eye was Sean WilliamsAstropolis 1: Saturn Returns:

Sean Williams - Astropolis 1: Saturn Returns

The other arrival this week was the OMG-controversial ‘mundane’ issue of Interzone:

Cover art for Interzone 216

I’m curious to see if it will generate enough blogospheric hot air to raise the entire genre scene, Montgolfier-fashion, into the sky for a short period of time.

I just don’t understand why people get so upset about it. I mean, I understand the differences of opinion that lead to the upset, but all the wailing and gnashing of teeth … come on people, save it for Michael Crichton, FFS.


Well, what happened to summer? Three glorious days of sun, and now it’s all murky and overcast. I’m consoling myself with the thought that perhaps it’s a sign, and that Portsmouth will lose tomorrow, thus sparing me twelve months of PEOPLE BEING UNABLE TO SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT FOOTBALL***.

Still, feeling a bit more on top of things this week, with the exception of my fiction writing. Progress, it seems, is being made on most fronts, and there’s not much more one can ask for, really****.

But as for now I have things to be getting on with so that I can be out of town before the crowds tomorrow … which means that I’d best high-tail it down the road and fetch the Friday Curry For Valour And Great Justice right away!

Have yourselves a good weekend, ladies and gents. Hasta luego.

[ * Bought new earlier this year for around £600, cost me a little over £300. Zing! ]

[ ** That’s not me volunteering to do so, however. I have many thoughts about The Book Of The New Sun, but I don’t ever want to wade into them again on anyone else’s time-scale but my own. ]

[ *** To be fair, they’ll carry on about the stupid game anyway, but the tedious way in which absolutely everything will be intimately related to the outcome of one particular ninety-minute interaction between twenty-two overpaid chumps and a pig’s bladder should they win will be almost unbearable. ]

[ **** Well, yes, of course there is; I mean things you can ask for and that you have some vague chance of actually receiving. ]

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  1. Geoff Ryman’s Radio 4 interview reminded me to pick up a copy of Interzone, so the high-profile media blitz secured at least one additional sale.

  2. My guitars have always been an “it” but a proper alive “it”, in the kind of you’d refer to a superior AI.

    And how can that be a Telecaster with three humbuckers and a whammy bar? 😉

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