Friday Photo Blogging: the blasted tower

So, hah, yes. No photography got done this week. I’ll add the craptastic weather to my traditional temporal excuses, and dig in the archives from Mexico again … of which I have very few left, because the majority never made it off my old hard-drive and onto Flickr before the recent Hardware Death Incident. 🙁

But hey, I still have the memories, and a few gems like this:

Real de Catorce 3

A ruined mine-building tower out in the hinterlands beyond the faded former silver town of Real de Catorce*.

If I get rained on again (or wake up to another overcast morning or two) in the next week, I will seriously consider immigrating to Mexico and going on the run. Velcro City is not the cheeriest of places when it’s raining.

And besides, I can’t get a decent taco anywhere.

Writing about music

Ten album reviews in one week. That’s some sort of personal record — quite possibly the sort that gets made with a crayon by your psychiatric practitioner as he furrows his brow slightly.

So, I’ve started recruiting willing victims reviewers for TDP; lots of people seem keen, but I know from prior experience that I may not receive as many sample reviews as I get expressions of interest. We shall see.

Album of the week

It’s a shoo-in: Bulbul 6 by Austrian oddballs, er, Bulbul. Imagine The Melvins locked in a European disco with a few analogue synths and a collection of surrealist cinema classics. They’re weirder than that.

Honourable mention goes to grunge progenitors Mudhoney for re-releasing the classic Superfuzz Bigmuff with loads of extras in the same week as The Lucky Ones, a brand new album that’s just as good, twenty years into their career.

Noisy garage rock’n’roll will never die, kids. 🙂

Writing about books

Concrete output is lacking, but there’s a first draft of the oft-delayed Implied Space review … and a lot of irate scribblings being collated re: the Love And Sex With Robots book, which is disturbing me not by its speculations but by the root assumptions that lead to them. Should be a lively review, let’s say.

Rumours abound that the issue of Foundation containing my epic Brasyl review may be in the wild fairly soon, for those who remember the tortuous and protracted birthing of that particular piece**.


Those of you who follow Futurismic (which is all of you, naturally — amirite?) may have noticed another new blogger poke their head over the parapet yesterday. Well, keep watching — there are three more to come! Once Tomas and Edward return from the land of Having Other Important Stuff To Do, we’re going to have quite the output level over there, I’m thinking. Yes, sir.

Oh yes, and it’s nearly the start of another month — which means another new piece of fiction is imminent! Keep ‘em peeled, future-fans. Arf!


Things are motoring on fairly well with PS Publishing; this week has been a little calmer, thanks to a lack of newsletters to format and send (those things take longer than you’d think). I get to send off my first invoice tomorrow, too! 😀

Cheerfully blocking out other freelance webby tasks for the months ahead; thinking conservatively, I’ve probably got enough to keep me busy until the end of August already. Then again, I may have overestimated how long things will take me to do them; if I have, that’ll be great, but I figure safety margins are a good thing to have right now.

Books and magazines seen

None. Not a sausage. There’s some things on their way from various places (or so I believe) but nothing has materialised as yet.

Speaking of books, though, I need to get myself on the Del Rey mailing list sooner rather than later. Charlie Stross has got an ARC of the forthcoming Bruce Sterling novel, and that’s a book I need to possess as soon as is practically possible …


Acronym-tastic! Yeah, it’s the BSFA AGM next weekend, and I’m trying to determine whether I can afford the time and the train fare, seeing as it’s in the same month as the Foundation Masterclass (which I still haven’t so much as broached the reading list for) and my mother’s birthday.

I should probably make a showing, though. Any VCTB readers heading up from the South coast?


For want of anything particularly exciting to say (and in the interests of – perhaps and just for a change – not sitting at a computer keyboard until 9pm on a Friday evening, I’m going to keep it brief and forgo the usual “bloody hell, another week just flew past” stuff. I’m not expecting any complaints — though if you have them, do pipe up, won’t you***?

In the interim, I’ll bid you a good weekend before I trundle off to fetch The Most Righteous Friday Curry Of Great Justice, Valour and Haberdashery****. Hasta luego, amigos.

[ * Sorry if I’ve posted this one before. Well, I’m not sorry that I’ve done it (if I have done it) but I’m sorry you noticed. Why are you reading the footnotes, anyway? ]
[ ** Oooh, remember me rattling on about how much grief writing that piece was causing me? Aaah, good times. I love a bit of nostalgia on a Friday, me. ]

[ *** Seriously, you need to get out more. And if I’m telling you that, you’ve surely got a problem. ]

[ **** I know; it’s just one of those great words that doesn’t get used enough. ]

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