Friday Photo Blogging: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Ah, Saturday night at a rock show – it’s what your weekend was made for, y’know. This rather camp gentleman is Joel Gion, tambourine-and-denim dude for California psychedelic explorers The Brian Jonestown Massacre:

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

T’was a fine show, if you discount the beered-up fools in the audience who only came in the hope of goading mercurial frontman Anton Newcombe into having a strop. Which he did, but instead of storming off he just ranted some killer put-downs. Job done.

Writing about music

Two live reviews (one with an interview spliced in) on top of the usual gubbins has made for a hectic week. I’m expecting my first outsourced review imminently, too… hopefully the first of many.

Album of the week

Kind of a shoo-in, being as it’s the only proper full-length album I’ve covered this week, but Rhymes for the Hated by Hexagram is not the sort of album you’d expect from an unsigned local act.

But that’s exactly what they are, and Rhymes… demonstrates why they came a close second in last year’s battle-o’-the-bands. If old-school Pantera/Crowbar/Corrosion Of Conformity is your bag, give ’em a listen. Very solid stuff.

Writing about books

No concrete writing has been committed, but a great deal more thinking has taken place. I’ve also been reading Snake Agent by Liz Williams, which is really rather good. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it anywhere near as much as I have done, and there’s plenty of scope for an essay there.


Silver surfer cardI’m halfway through doing the HTML mark-up for the next PS Publishing newsletter, and nearing completion on the first full website redevelopment job, so results should be around and about soon.

Also sent out my first batch of quarterly invoices to some clients at the beginning of the week – it feels good to tell other people they owe me money, as it always used to happen the other way around. 🙂

An unexpected bonus to working freelance with genre authors: some of them send your cheque inside genre-friendly greetings cards – you made my morning, Mr Lovegrove, thank you!


Bloody hell, what a week Futurismic has had. On the bad side, it was hacked by Turkish skr1p+ k1dd13z (as was VCTB, though for a much briefer period) and suffered astonishingly unreasonable levels of downtime (as my Twitter followers are probably more aware than they’d like to be). It looks like it’s host migration season again…

On the good side, however, Tom’s vaguely controversial[1] blog post on battlefield photography using quantum entanglement got picked up on Reddit, bringing us the sort of traffic we usually rack up over a month crammed into the space of just one day (along with about 200 new RSS subscribers, from the looks of it).

Plus my interview with Nancy Kress got linked to by none other than my hero and idol, Commandante Bruce Sterling[2]!

All of which unfortunately overshadowed this month’s new piece of fiction, “Maquech” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – which I really really like, and not just because I spent some time in Mexico City or because I’m the E-i-C. I really like it because I think it’s an excellent story. Please go read, then tell me (and Silvia) what you think.

Books and magazines seen

No magazines this week, but another couple of titles have arrived from Night Shade Press: the Stateside editions of Greg Egan‘s Incandescence, and Shadow of the Scorpion by Neal Asher[3].

Greg Egan - Incandescence Neal Asher - Shadow of the Scorpion


Well, there we go – how’s that for a busy week? It’s been fun seeing money turn up for work I’ve done, which has kept me going in a period rather devoid of breathing space. Next week is looking more sane… at the moment, anyway, and provided I clear the decks as planned tomorrow. 😉

I’ll need to be all done by Sunday lunchtime, whatever happens- because it’s an early practice for Aeroplane Attack this week before we head off to see a band called Brenda (and, not entirely coincidentally, meet up with the man who may well become our drummer) in the evening.

So why am I still sat here typing bollocks to the three of you with sufficient stamina and free time to slog through my weekly drivel? That’s a good question – let me know if you think of an answer. I’ll be at The Goa fetching The Friday Curry if you need me … 🙂

Hasta luego, amigos.

[ 1 – ‘Controversial’ in that some people – who don’t show any signs of being scientists – saw fit to call it a fake story. I have no idea either way, to be honest; this postmodernism thing can be a handy get-out, eh? 😉 ]

[ 2 – OK, so he makes fun of my question a little, but I still hold it’s valid in the context on the interview. ]

[ 3 – I found this immensely amusing after reading a certain gentleman at the Asimov’s forums accusing Night Shade of being a bastion of conspiracist homosexuals and feminazis acting in league to make genre fiction sanitized and rubbish.

Because after all, Neal Asher is many things, but radically to the left is not one of them – he’s not the kind of guy that a publisher with a leftist axe to grind would publish[4]. I don’t know if there’s some sort of award for mentioning not just Nazism in the opening post of a thread but Communism too, both as criticisms of people committing the heinous crime of appeasing minority interests and attempting to not be sexist…

… but if there is, that gentleman has surely earned it. I suspect the award should have the phrase “Repeatedly Rejected and Wondering Why” somewhere in the title. ]

[ 4 – OMG cunning communofeminista red-herring double-blind plot! We never saw it coming! Must… flee… privilege… eroding… aieeee! ]

3 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: The Brian Jonestown Massacre”

  1. Reddit? cuh… and here was me thinking that the last BG had generated a pleasing amount of discussion.

    Love that Asimov’s thread. Their forums are absolutely terrifying.

  2. Actually your BG has garnered a good number of backlinks; as is often the way with lit crit, people have enough to say that they decide to do their own posts. I would turn pingbacks back on, but I don’t have the seven hours a day necessary to manage the spam. 🙁

    There are actually some reasonable and sane people on the Asimov’s boards, from what I can tell. Sadly they’re hard to hear over the more scary types; I usually stay out of there entirely, but Nick Mamatas linked that one and once I’d looked at one page it was like passing a road accident in slow traffic.

  3. I only had the strength for the first page. Good lord that man is a c o c k, as he would put it…

    That said thanks for the link, as I’ve been told their are erudite, friendly, interesting people on the Asimov’s forum and just the first page of that thread contained proof. 🙂

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