Friday Photo Blogging: the clocktower

Because time has been a dominant factor in my life recently, y’all can have a picture of the clocktower on Castle Road for your Friday fun:

Castle Road Clocktower

The sky was a gorgeous colour that afternoon (though I need to get a polarising filter to really show that sort of thing off), but it was alsoo bloody cold and windy. Photography isn’t so much fun when you can’t feel the buttons under your fingetips.


Hectic, hectic, hectic. I’ll spare you the details, but this week I’ve been learning the ropes at the new job, watching rocket launches by webcast, doing international conference calls by Skype, discussing the future of genre fiction reviewing and criticism, seeing live bands, and working on a website with a client. I actually managed to slip in some eating and sleeping too, though in hindsight I’m not entirely sure where.

But hectic is good, because it means things are happening. I get the feeling I’m going to fit in well at my new job, and have plenty of opportunities to use my more creative skill sets in a library environment. Actually working on a real paid freelance project is quite inspiring, even if it’s more a matter of deplying knowledge than using my writing skills, but one thing leads to another, so they say. I’ve also had a (tentative) positive response from another music reviews website that may be interested in throwing some work my way, so that could work out pretty well, as could a couple of other copywriting-type enquiries. The real big news of the week, though, is that we’re making solid moves toward getting Futurismic not just back on the road and up to speed, but bigger, faster and more full of good sexy stuff than it was before. Watch this space

The end result is that I’ve hardly written more than a few paragraphs of writing ‘for me’, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it because I’ve been doing things that, in the long run, will facilitate more time (and hopefully ability) to do the things I want to do. And that’s just fine with me.


It’s been a slow week for incoming materials, unless you include the five CDs that arrived from Pennyblack for me to review over the next few weeks. The only readable stuff this week was the Locus ‘2006 in Review’ issue, which (if my memory serves me) means I’ve had three magazines from them in the space of four weeks. The strange properties of international magazine subscriptions, eh?


So, you should probably consider a busy week for me to be a mercy for you, because it means a nice short concise FPB – for those of you that don’t simply skip over it, of course! I have blogging to do for Futurismic before I head on out to see the Friday crew, and of course the Ritual Friday Curry Consumption must be fulfilled in the customary manner, so I’ll wrap this up here and bid you all a good weekend. Enjoy yourselves!

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