Friday Photo Blogging: the glowering frown of the clouds

Whoa – Paul Raven in “actually got out of the house with a camera recently” shocker!

Not the most exciting of photographs, I’ll grant you, but better than me digging in the archives or showing you some other dust-coated relic from my hovel.

South Parade Pier beneath a bank of cloud

The weather’s been good enough for me to do some supplementary cycling, and yesterday evening I was quite taken by the bank of cloud looming over South Parade Pier – so that’s what you have above. Mmmm – moody.

Writing about music

The one major upside of having a frantically busy week is that a normal week seems easy by comparison, so this week’s mere five reviews have been a relative breeze to cope with after last week’s bedlam.

As hinted at last week, the initial enthusiasm of potential reviewers has yet to coalesce into concrete samples of writing, so I need to do some prodding forthwith.

Album of the week

Got to be Station by Russian Circles. It’s not prog, it’s not post-rock, it’s not post-metal … but it’s all brilliant.

Neither obtained nor reviewed this week, but an extra mention goes to Vantage Point by dEUS, which has been on my stereo or headphones at pretty much every point I’ve had free in the last week. It’s a great album, people; SRSLY.

Writing about books

Well, look at that – I actually got some material out of the door and published, here and elsewhere, as noted earlier in the week.

Nearly finished reading Love And Sex With Robots, which I plan to review on the train tomorrow; after that it’s a binge to try to cover as much of the Masterclass reading list as possible before the damned thing actually starts*.


Well, just look at those new bloggers go! A few teething problems with formatting, but that’s down to my fussiness more than their skills, and we’re getting pretty close to sorted – especially considering they’ve come up with more interesting stuff in a week than I usually find in a month.

Who knows – we may soon reach a point where I can miss a day blogging at Futurismic and (gasp!) not get all panicked about it!

And hey – what did you think of Kristin Janz‘s story, “Veritas Nos Liberabit“?


As noted yesterday, I’m stepping down from my editorial post at Interzone. As far as FPB is concerned, the most obvious result of this will be to slightly reduce the number of times I go on about being hideously busy**; that said, I’m going to miss it. End of an era, folks … but the start of a new one, too. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, as Fred Durst once jabbered. Looks like I’ve got a website project tentatively booked to be done by the end of the month. Just waiting for confirmation and a few access passwords, and I’m good to go.

And how good a feeling was it to have my first proper invoice to PS Publishing paid off last weekend? Awesome, frankly. Onwards and upwards, wot? ๐Ÿ™‚

Books and magazines seen

Would you believe nothing again? Most unusual to go a few weeks without anything more than a trio of vampire-shagger paperbacks from Orbit.

Then again, the music industry seems to slow down come mid-June, so maybe publishing works the same way. So much to learn! Not like I’m short of stuff to read, anyway. Selah.

Out and about: BSFA & SFF AGMs

OK, so I’ve determined I’m definitely going to the AGMs tomorrow – having even taken the drastic measure of dropping off my laundry for a service wash one day early***.

Hope to see some of you there – if we’ve not met before, come and say hello. I may look like some ludicrous caricature of a sysadmin crossed with a failed hippie-biker, but I’m told I’m moderately charming in spite of it****.


Well, there’s something to be said for actually getting a bit of home-turf blogging done during the week, in that there’s less need to say things here in the FPB Coda. This is good for me, as it frees up some Friday evening time, and good for you, as you have less irrelevant guff to scroll through. Bilateral result – a career in the diplomatic service surely beckons!

So, in the spirit of moving fast and staying light – like a hobo on a skateboard, maybe – I’ll bid you all a good weekend before heading out for The Friday Curry Which Is Verily Regulated By Ritual And Tradition. Hasta luego, amigos. ๐Ÿ™‚

[ * Seeing that’s in about two week’s time, good luck to me – though if I read any of it, I’ll be more prepared than last year, and I’ve already read one of the non-fic titles on the list of my own accord. ]

[ ** Yeah, like I’m ever going to stop saying that, until the day I have a gorgeous Mexican professor of literature and philosophy paid a CEO’s salary to bring me nachos and Coronas with lime as I write, in between her own research into the intersection of indigenous culture and modern urban mythology. Not that I’m planning ahead or anything. ]

[ *** Rock’n’f*ckin’roll, huh? Yawp. ]

[ **** By my mother, since you asked. ]

2 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: the glowering frown of the clouds”

  1. I remain to be convinced on the new dEUS album. Too many conventional radio friendly tracks to my ears, not enough of the off-kilter arrangements and Beefheart/Zappa vibes of the early material. But then I’ve only listened to it the whole way through once and Pocket Revolution mostly grew on me after a few listens.

  2. More approachable, perhaps, but with some real dark rockers lurking in there. I’d urge a few relistens – I’d also say it’s a better headphones album than out-loud, but that’s personal preference, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

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