Friday Photo Blogging: the Hendrix-mobile

Saw this pseudo-graffiti’d car on my way to work today, and thought I’d share with faithful FPBers:


Hendrix lives, it seems. A very effective marketing method – it wasn’t until I’d already got close to the vehicle that I realised that paint-job is legit. I thought it had just been parked overnight in the wrong part of Brighton …

The Salvaged Times – Paul gets published in the metaverse

So, yours truly is actually a paid columnist for a newspaper now. Granted, the newspaper in question is a small-circulation artefact in a particular region of Second Life, but I got paid for my words and they’ve been published by someone other than myself. I am, as it happens, pretty damn stoked.

Readers who visit SL themselves can go and purchase a copy of the Salvaged Times from the Post-apocalyptic Press building, which is just across from the telehub in The Wastelands.

Salvaged Times issue 2 - The Memory Dump

[The column’s written “in-character”, by the way, so it’s more a creative writing thing than true journalism. Still cool though!]

I also have a message pending from the SL “gentleman’s magazine” that I applied to write for last week, which is hopefully going to say something along the lines of “how soon can we throw Linden$ at you?” I expect that, much like the Salvaged Times, it won’t be big money … but paid work is paid work as far as I’m concerned, especially this early in the game.

The burden of editorship

The deadline for my first issue of Interzone as Reviews Editor is this weekend, and I’ve been introduced to the joys of worrying about late submissions from reviewers. At a conscious level, I’m sure everything will be fine … but subconsciously I’m panicking like nobody’s business.

Flatteringly, people seem to think I’ve already had an effect on the section, when in fact the current issue had no input from me at all – not even a review! It’s all the work of Sandy Auden and the team of reviewers. I have a serious legacy of quality to uphold as I settle into this particular post.

And while we’re on the subject of editors…

My life in music 

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy this week is that I found out on Monday that I’d be doing an interview with the drummer from chart-topping indie band Editors on Wednesday evening.

I like doing interviews; they’re interesting work, and great portfolio pieces. But they sure do chew up a lot of time – maybe I’ll get faster with practice, but at the moment it takes me about two hours to transcribe a twenty minute conversation from the audio. Still, I think it went well, and the piece should be live some time next week.

[Canny readers have probably realised that it was this job that influenced the style and format of today’s somewhat-hurried Friday Flash piece …]

An annual fixture of my calendar has rolled around, namely the Wedgewood Rooms battle-of-the-bands equivalent, Showcase 007 – for which I am yet again on the judging panel. That’s what I was up to last night … which goes some way to explaining my savage hangover this morning.

The pain in my head was exacerbated by the discovery that my lounge bay window has developed a rather vigorous leak – it’s been absolutely chucking it down with rain for the last eighteen hours, too, so things are a little damp. Hopefully it won’t keep up like this all weekend, because the repair people can’t get to me until Tuesday afternoon. Meh.

Books and magazines seen

Quite a few horror and fantasy titles (but still no bag!) from the people at Orbit, but I don’t list things that I know I’m not going to read. I really wish they did a partial mailing list for sf titles only, but apparently not. The library will appreciate them, I’m sure.

Two magazines have hit the intray:

  • Interzone #211 (which looks gorgeous, as always – and I’m not just saying that because I’m a contributor)
  • Apex Digest #10 (which includes fiction by and an interview with Cherie Priest, who is widely described as a fine writer – so I’ll be interested to see if the praise is justified)

The parting shot

Thanks to the trailing edge of my hangover and having been thoroughly drenched on my way home from work, I find myself lacking in exciting or amusing things to say – because I’m usually scintillatingly witty, of course.

So I’m going to sign off and head out to get The Friday Curry. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great weekend – no matter how awful the weather is.

Hasta luego, amigos.

4 thoughts on “Friday Photo Blogging: the Hendrix-mobile”

  1. Dude, I may have the bag, but I want your life. I mean, I don’t, because I’m a risk-averse creature of habit who needs the reassurance of a fixed income, but I’m filled with admiration.

  2. Well, there’s a lot of fun and craziness involved, I’ll grant you. But the nail-biting paranoia and uncertainty that comes from being the sort of person who is perpetual afraid of failure means it’s not a complete picnic! 🙂

    But serious, thanks. Sometimes I forget that I’m (kind of) living the dream – living it hand to mouth at times, but living it none the less.

  3. Never ever use the word ‘craziness’ in that context ever again. Its one short step to ‘wacky’ and then i’m calling the police.

  4. Those “wicked campers” are everywhere in Australia. I don’t know if the company is now expanding into the UK, but if that’s the first you’ve seen, they might be.

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