Friday Photo Blogging! Urban gloom

I don’t know … you have reasonable weather (for the season) all week, then your day off arrives and it’s grey and miserable again.

Alley behind Western Parade, Southsea

The gloomy weather put me in mind of moody location, so this alley between two rows of Dickensian housing was ideal. Took my old digital camera out to get this and a few other shots, only to discover that the navigation button has died, making the changing of modes (or pretty much anything else) impossible. I can’t complain – I got it in 2003 for my Mexico mission, and it’s lasted since then. High time I invested in a decent DSLR, anyway.


So, another week flies past; hard to believe it’s December already. Highlight of the week was almost certainly last night, when I went with a bunch of friends to see the excellent poetic post-punk band Idlewild at The Wedgewood Rooms. They are one of those acts who never really made it huge, but have a very loyal following who know all the material, from their clatteringly angular early work to the insightful and concise songs that their later albums contain.

They also debuted some new material from a forthcoming album, which sounds like it will be another worthwhile investment. If you ever bemoan the lack of guitar music that is actually about something, you could do much worse than give Idlewild a listen. (American readers should note that although they supported Coldplay in the US, they do not suffer from the same insipid content-free meanderings of Chris Martin’s inexplicably popular outfit.)


It’s been another busy week for the postbox: arriving this week were the latest Locus (which I get quite late because I chose the cheaper surface mail subscription), and a lovely hardback copy of Tobias Buckell‘s Crystal Rain, which Tobias himself (who is a co-blogger at Futurismic) was kind enough to mail me from the States. I’ve heard uniformly great things about this book, and am looking forward to getting stuck into it – especially as it’s not yet available over here in the UK, except as an import.

Also appearing this week is the latest BSFA mail-out, which includes issue #249 of Vector – the first one to contain a review written by yours truly, no less. Of course, there’s far more than just reviews in there. I’ve not read it all yet, but if it’s all of a similar quality to the Gary Wolfe essay about autobiographical works in science fiction, I’m not going to be disappointed.


Geek news: Any VCTB readers who are productivity wonks (or simply people who like to leverage their gadgets to the max) may well be as pleased as I was to discover that someone has finally cracked the problems involved with sync-ing mobile phones with Google Calendar – go take a look at GooSync. I’ve been using a different service up till now, but have been wanting to switch to Google because it has more features, as well as integrating with a lot of other services I use regularly. I’m becoming a definite Google enthusiast, but I’ve not yet achieved the drooling fanboy status that one encounters on teh intarwebs from time to time. If they keep coming out with innovative services that make my life easier to manage, however, that may change.


Well, that’s about everything I have to share with the three people who actually read FPB posts in their entirity – except to point out that this month (and the last week in particular) has been quite exceptional for traffic here at VCTB, and that we’re up to 90+ feed subscribers on a day to day basis, which is hugely gratifying. Here’s hoping you all continue to enjoy what I do here – I can assure you that knowing people actually care to read it makes it a real privilege to do. So, thank you!

And now, as is traditional, it’s time for The Friday Night Curry. Enjoy your weekend, folks.

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