Friday Photo Blogging: walk this way

Well, I was hoping to have photographs from two different gigs to pick from this week. Unfortunately I was denied a photopass at the first one, and the second one was cancelled.

So, no gig photos; instead, here’s a demonstration of how PicoCon’s organisers ensured no one got lost between the tube station and the venue:


Who says science fiction fans can’t keep it lo-fi, eh?

Writing about music:

Less gig reviewing than initially expected – see above.

Been battling to keep up the one-album-review-per-day regime at TDP, and have just kept my head above the water; I need to play catch-up over the weekend to give myself a buffer zone again.

I had the opportunity to revisit Gary Numan’s Replicas – how groundbreaking was that album? And I don’t care how dated the synth patches are, the signature riff from “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” still stirs the neck-hairs every time.

Writing about books:

Technically zilch. Have hardly read more than a chapter of Wolfe, either.


Various behind-the-scenes stuff continues apace at Futurismic, though at a somewhat reduced rate over the last week.

Just a few final adjustments to make over the weekend, and then it’s the return of original fiction to Futurismic on Monday! wh00t!


Despite the sparseness of the above, this week has been absolute bedlam and panic in Velcro City Towers. But the deadline was met; the task completed; the dragon slain.

What was I doing? Oh, you’re just going to have to wait to find out, I’m afraid … 🙂

Books and magazines seen:

Nowt of note.


If this all seems a little sparse and disappointing to FPB fans, I must apologise; this week has essentially been a game of survival against the odds.

The afore-mentioned deadline of doom (combined with a mild bug I picked up at PicoCon) meant all my efforts have been devoted to not dropping any of the metaphorical balls.

Frankly, I’m proud to have made it to Friday having achieved exactly that, even if it meant skipping out on FFF for this week.

So while there’s plenty to be done over the weekend, I’m feeling pretty relaxed right now, safe in the knowledge that I don’t need to be sat at this here keyboard until past my bedtime just to avoid calamity.

I think I even have enough flex in my schedule to pop out for a beer or two with the gang before coming home and sitting down to an hour or so buried in a book before bedtime – ah, decadence! But first things first – yesterday’s (comparatively) healthy repast must be counteracted with The Friday Curry Of Tradition And Merit.

And d’you know what? This week, I really feel I’ve earned the damned thing.

Have a great weekend, folks. Hasta luego!

[ * Yet Another Clandestine Project. ]

One thought on “Friday Photo Blogging: walk this way”

  1. I had the chance to see (and meet!) Gary Numan in Munich back 2005 when he was on tour.
    He kicked our asses! He might not be the crazy young New Waver he once was, but he rocked out and put on a brilliantly solid show. His new music has evolved into a quasi-gothic sound that really works with his voice. Of course he played some classics like Cars and Down in the Park, but his live Are Friends Electric was downright mindblowing. The whole audience sang along and it was obvious that Gary was having as much fun performing for an enthusiastic crowd as we were watching him.
    My boyfriend had missed seeing Gary back in the early 80’s (he was fourteen and his parents wouldn’t let him go to the show) so being able to truly enjoy Numan so many years later was a wonderful treat.
    After the concert, we tried to bribe a security guy to let us backstage so we could tell Numan how much we loved his new stuff. No luck, but the tour manager told us that Gary usually signs autographs before they leave on the bus. So we waited outside in the rain for a while and when Gary came out about 300 “Recovering Goths” swarmed him. The boyfriend said “great show, Gary” and Gary replied with “Oh, you’re the Canadians!” We were put in the front of the queue by the tour manager and got to talk to Gary for about 20 minutes. He was friendly and gracious and was genuinely pleased to meet some overseas fans.
    If you have the chance to see him in concert, check him out. He won’t disappoint.

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