Friday Photo Blogging: Western Parade

Here’s a shot of the Castle Road end of Western Parade in Southsea. Western Parade has a special place in my memories, for an assortment of reasons. The setting for a lot of good times back in the day – and a few bad times too, but what’s life without contrast, eh?

Western Parade

My photography is still pretty lame. Maybe I’ll hit up Jeremiah for some tips and tricks …


Another week flies by with scarcely a warning – I’ve definitely not settled into my new routines yet, as I feel like I have less time on my hands than I had before. But that could be to do with having loads of stuff to sort out, like Eastercon and so forth. Time, as they say, will tell.

The only major event to report this week was confirmation that I’ve been drafted onto the reviewers list for a site called Subba-Cultcha. It’s another unpaid gig, sure, but it’s all portfolio – and free CDs and guestlists to shows are nothing to complain about. It’s a long old ladder, but you have to start somewhere.

The new job is going well, I think – I’ve settled into the basic tasks, and I seem to be demonstrating a grasp of the required skills some way above what was expected of me. I’ve also made a few careful suggestions about potential projects for developing the Museum’s online presence, and they have been pretty well recieved, so with any luck I’ll be able to carve myself a nice little niche and end up doing the sort of things that most interest me. I never thought that blogging would gain me skills that I could transfer to the workplace, but it looks like a year of what might easily be mistaken for an obsessive hobby is already starting to pay off. Amen to that.


No incoming reading materials this week – with the exception of a copy of Aleister Crowley’s 777 that I spotted while buying an elbow shirt in the PDSA charity shop by Palmerston Road. I was seriously into occultism and all that jazz when I was at school, and I still have a residual fascination with the more esoteric ends of the philosophies involved. And as far as esoteric philosophies go, Crowley was the don, so a mere Pound of the Realm was a small price to pay. Though it’ll probably gather dust for ages before I read it …


Eastercon Attendee Warning:

If you’ve not checked the Contemplation website for a while, and you’re not subbed up to the Yahoo Group for Eastercons, you may not have received some important warnings regarding transportation issues over the Easter weekend. Checking at those locations for details is recommended, but to sum up – industrial action planned over the weekend looks set to severely disrupt a lot of train services around the Birmingham area (and others). Folk like myself who are travelling from the South are advised to take the route that goes via Newport in Wales – it’s allegedly longer, but far more scenic, and has the advantage of reducing the number of train changes to just one, for me at least. So check your travel plans, folks.

And a note for Shaun, if he’s reading – check your emails, dude, or your PMs at Urban Drift.

More about my Eastercon plans to come over the next week – I’ve got a lot of preparations to make (other than packing and preparing my stomach for a real-ale onslaught) , and I’ll be posting details here in the hope of getting some feedback and suggested interview questions. Watch this space.


Well, that’s it for FPB this week. My mother is down to visit my sister and me tomorrow, which should be pleasant – we don’t get to see each other much these days, which I’d like to (and often do) blame on geography, but is really down to me being a bit of a rubbish son. Be nice to your mothers, people – they’re important. Why not call yours right now? Don’t tell her I told you to, though. It’ll spoil the surprise.

Right, I have things to do before The Obligatory Friday Curry And Time Out With The Posse, so I’ll sign off here. Have a good weekend yourselves, OK?

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  1. I quite like your photography, actually. I think that picture would really pop as a black and white. I am really jealous of the cool Old World stuff you get to take pictures of. I am going to London in May, and I’m looking forward to filling my laptop with photos.

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