Friday Photo Blogging: wild mushrooms

I must have taken this a few weeks ago; it’s been a while since I emptied the camera’s memory card. Some wild mushrooms I spotted growing in a big patch on Southsea Common while out on my bike:


They’re not of the ‘magical’ variety. Not that I’d know if they were.

Still busy, but not too far behind

It’s been a busy week as usual, but I’m glad to report that catching up after my attendance of the Masterclass in Liverpool hasn’t set me back anywhere near as much as I thought it might. I have a few things pending to clear over the weekend, but then I’m pretty much up to speed with things as far as writing is concerned.

That said, a whole new bunch of work is in the offing, which won’t be too bad in the long run but is going to take a fair bit of organising in the short term. There will be an announcement regarding this appearing on VCTB soon, so keep an eye out. (I know, I’m a dreadful tease.)

A week at the Museum

Things are moving at the day-job, too; the management group have decided they want the Museum’s web presence upgraded by the end of the year, and it seems that yours truly’s continued ranting about open source platforms and standards compliance has not gone unheard. End result – I’m starting to put together a ‘roadmap’ document explaining how I think we can use web2.0 technologies to improve the work the Museum does, both inside and out.

I’m also considering starting a blog to document the process online, and maybe drum up some interest and ideas that way. Ultimately, the plan is to move the ILS/catalogue system to an open source platform, too (Koha and Evergreen are the main contenders here). I have vague ideas that doing so could open up all sorts of mashable possibilities with the content we have available, but I need to do more research and consult some genuine code-monkey boffins to make sure. Promises to be both fun and educational.

Portsmouth Libraries Reader-Development Wiki

On the subject of web2.0 in libraries, it’s interesting to see that my ranting wasn’t ignored by my colleagues in my old job (although I was stonewalled by the IT and Legal types). Proof positive comes in the form of a reader development wiki for Portsmouth City Libraries, put together by the IT Services Librarian in utter defiance of the corporate legalese and bullshit thrown in her way.

Please go take a look, and leave some comments or feedback. These sorts of projects need all the public support they can get, as many librarians are struggling to maintain decent service provision and adapt to new technologies in the face of (at best) studied disinterest or (at worst) outright obstruction by the local authorities that fund and manage them.

Seriously, go and tell a public librarian they’re doing a good job. The smile you’ll get will be payment enough.

Incoming materials

The acquisitions department has nothing to report this week. Given today’s postal strike, it’s more than possible there’ll be nothing to report for weeks to come, once the knock-on of the backlog takes effect …

Miscellaneous gubbins: builders, interviews, criticism, weather

  • A builder came round to do some long-overdue maintenance on my flat. End result: the long-disconnected (and condemned) gas fire has gone, my front door doesn’t rattle in the wind, and my toilet has a flush handle again. Yay!
  • I’m set to do a phone interview Alan Wilder, formerly of Depeche Mode and now the brains behind a music project called Recoil. The interview happens next Tuesday, and will be the first I’ve ever done by telephone. I’m not even slightly worried about this. Honestly.
  • The Masterclass has completely infected my brain. I can’t see so much as a poster advert for fabric softeners with subjecting it to a multi-pronged textual analysis. Which is a bit of a chore when cycling to work, but promises to be very useful in my reviewing work … as I had hoped it might. It’s also going to bankrupt me by making me buy vast quantities of post-it notes. Selah.

That’s your lot, then. I hope your week has been full of good things happening – or at least devoid of bad ones – and that you have an enjoyable weekend doing whatever it is you like to do at weekends. I understand, of course, that the latter is contingent on weather conditions, which have been temperamental at best over the last week or so …

… but whatever; have fun. I’m off to re-establish the broken routine of The Friday Curry. Hasta luego!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the Portsmouth Library Service wiki Paul. What I now need is all your enlightened readers to post fab book reviews on the site.

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