Friday Photo Non-blogging: Cannibal Corpse

A cheery name for a cheery band, y’know:

Cannibal Corpse

None more black. Not really the most exciting show I’ve ever been to, either, but an experience nonetheless.

Anyway, as the title suggests there’s no proper FPB this week, I’m afraid. I’m writing this on my newly arrived Computer Of Justice, but that means there’s a lot of things to sort out. For example, can I get it to play any music? Can I, hell… soundcard recognised, drivers installed, not a note. Very frustrating.

Still, means you lot get a week off from my ramblings. Bonus! Have a good weekend, folks.

One thought on “Friday Photo Non-blogging: Cannibal Corpse”

  1. I once spent a week (and returned two soundcards) before I solved a similar problem… turn up the volume! In my defence the volume control was well disguised. Honesrt. I have a PhD y’know…

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