Friday Plant Blogging! A cactus is for life, not just for Christmas

A lovely view of the bins in the background, there

Oh yes…it’s Friday. And Friday is plant blogging day! Luckily for those of you who actually bother reading all of these bizarre rants I do on Fridays, this will be a short one, for various reasons. With that intent, I shall say only that the lower Christmas Cactus in that photo was a gift from my mother a few years back, and the other one was bought by me the Christmas just gone – because I’d repotted the other one and it wasn’t flowering, and I missed the pink flower-things it usually puts out during the (allegedly) festive season. They are my only concession to the winter festivities. Bless them (in a non-denominational and largely irreligious manner).

The spider plant is one of many clone-children from a liberated plant of great antiquity. It’s a garrulous bugger, and likes to butt into photos, as you see here. I take solace in the fact that someone told me spider plants are the only species that actively benefits from cigarette smoke in its atmosphere – even though they’re probably wrong. I’ve been to scared to google it and find out the truth. Ho hum. Time for a cigarette…

“So, what’s the hurry, AA?” Well, I’m flattered you asked. Firstly, this has been my ‘long Friday’ (i.e. the one in my monthly timetable when I work from 9am to 7pm), and hence my tolerance for spending too much time at the PC before heading out for beer and company is thinner than usual.

But secondly…guess who got a kick-arse sexy new phone in the post today? Thanks to some non-commital mumbling from yours truly, I managed to wangle a great new deal out of my mobile phone supplier. In addition to a better and cheaper call plan, plus a cheque to buy me out of my old contract and reimburse me ‘for my inconvenience’, I am now the proud owner of…a Nokia N80. Wh00t!
So, some gadget-pr0n for those who dig that sort of thing. Here it is still in the box:

See it nestle...

And here it is, out of the box and waiting to be SIMed-up and plugged in:

It's flown the nest!

That is one sexy phone, with gadgetry galore. £300 retail, didn’t cost me a penny. And that’s why I’m not writing much tonight – I have fettling* to do before I go out later!

Adios, amigos. Drop by again soon – there’ll doubtless be mobile photos aplenty for the next few weeks. 😀 Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.
* Note for the bemused: I was once informed that ‘fettling’ is a term for ‘working on a complex device’ that has its roots in UK West Country parlance. Even if it isn’t, it’s a great word, so I’m using it anyway.

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