Friday Plant Blogging! Aloe action

Aloe Vera, sunbathing

I have no cat, I have no dog…I don’t even have a fish. So I had to make my own damn meme. Enter, Friday Plant Blogging!  That there Aloe Vera was a few yellowed blades about a month ago, when I was given it as a freebie by a local florist having a clear-out – they obviously didn’t expect it to live long. But with the Magical Green Thumb of the Anarchist, I have encouraged it to go ballistic. She’s gonna need repotting in another month, maybe less. Note the multiple outgrowths – I’ve never had Aloe before, so I have no idea if they always do that. Some research may be called for. If nothing else, I’ll never be wanting for natural skincare products…
…more plant related shenanigans next week, right here on VCTB! Fellow houseplant owners, feel free to contribute your amusing vegetation stories in the comments field.

2 thoughts on “Friday Plant Blogging! Aloe action”

  1. With the Magical Green Thumb of the Anarchist, anything is possible. Love and care, thats what Mrs. Vera needs.

  2. i don’t own a houseplant but by jingo if i did that would certainly be the kind of red hot vegetable action i’d be going for! I wait for the next installment with baited breath 🙂

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