Friday Plant Blogging! Aloe again

Ladies and gentlemen, as always, Friday at VCTB can only mean one thing – Friday Plant Blogging!

My, hasn't she grown?

Pre-emptive FPB, to be precise – Thursday night saw me out judging at the local Battle Of The Bands again, and I’m working late today (Friday), so this was put together on Thursday during my afternoon off. That’s dedication for you, huh?

Well, it’s our (Aloe) Vera again. If you remember (and how could you forget?), she was the star of the very first incarnation of FPB, and I thought it was time I displayed how much she’s grown in the space of nine weeks. She got repotted a fortnight ago, and took it in stride without so much as a droop or hint of browning. She’s currently sucking up loads of water and growing visibly by the day. I seem to have this one sussed…but then the little crassula thingy to her right is doing quite well in a new pot, too. Green fingers, me.


So, what’s been up with me this week? Recovering from the long weekend was a big part of it; at least it means I only have four days of work to deal with. Talking of work, I’m still trying to push the idea of blogs, wikis and general web2.0 malarky to my employers at the moment – in a weird turn of events, the management types seem quite keen, but the corporate PR and IT people aren’t so keen. Go figure – it’s that sort of place, really. IT people who aren’t keen to innovate every time they turn a machine on? Not natural, I tell ya.

New arrivals, reading-wise; a copy of Talebones magazine turned up from the US. Totally forgot I’d ordered it after someone (possibly Nick Mamatas?) gave it a “buy it or it’ll die” plug on a blog, and now, here it is. It looks pretty slick. Yet another thing to make space in the schedule for. Anyone know of any paid reviewing gigs? Furthermore, David Louis Edelman’s PR folk have mailed a copy of Infoquake across the pond for me to review at Futurismic, which I’m looking forward to doing – right after the two review jobs that are already in the pipeline. Not enough hours in the day, damn it…free books ease the pain, however.

Speaking of books, I’m poking through a book called Synthetic Worlds: the business and culture of online games when I have small gaps for reading that aren’t long enough to focus on review jobs. It’s fascinating; an economist basically predicting an ongoing geometric expansion of online realities. I’ll have to do a post on it when I’m done reading it, but there’s no telling when that’ll be. In the meantime, if you can find a copy to buy or borrow, get stuck in. The stuff of science fiction scenarios lies within.

What else? Oh yeah, the new N80 phone is finally rocking my old number, so I now have mobile internet access, a decent media player and camera, and a big chunky lump on my belt. Bonus! Plus, at the time this post goes live I’ll probably be queuing at the Post Office to pick up my new 2 Gb thumbdrive, of which more anon. Unnescessary gadgets rule. Oh yes.

That’s about it from the Hall Of Mirrors for this week’s FPB, so I’ll say my usual thank-yous (especially to the fifteen or so new readers who appeared this week in the feed stats – hope you’ll hang around) and get on with things that I really need to be doing. Hasta luego, amigos.

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