Friday Plant Blogging! As my fig gently weeps…

Always in the kitchen at parties...

It’s that time of week again…Friday means plant blogging! And this week, I introduce to you another of my ‘rescue’ plants. (Sorry for the poor quality shots, but the lighting isn’t ideal, my camera is cheap and my photography skill negligable.) This variegated weeping fig was no more than a skinny twig with a few brown leaves on it when I acquired it about four years ago. It rallied at first, but then I nearly killed it off in the winter after I got it by overwatering. More through luck than skill (and a generous dose of leaving it well alone except for a bit of water every week or so), it recovered again, and developed a decent head of leaves.

This is my best angle...

I can’t help but feel it should be bigger for its age, but the abuse and deprivation it suffered have doubtless stunted its growth. It moved to that larger pot this spring, and the long sunlit days on the southfacing kitchen windowsill seem to be doing it a power of good. Hopefully it will have rooted well before winter returns, and I won’t have to go through the ‘picking up fallen leaves and hoping for the best’ scenario again.

Friday also means me ranting on about my life outside this blog as if someone gave a crap. What else has been happening in Velcro City this week? Well, not much, as usual. This blog is chewing up huge swathes of the little free time I have each day, and I’m still getting little or no poetry or fiction work done. With this in mind, I’m toying with the idea of dropping seven hours from my timetable at work in the ‘reshuffle’ that is being suggested by management. How that will work out financially I’m not sure, but I am sure that if I don’t get my arse into gear and start writing properly, I’ll never get anywhere beyond where I am now – i.e. nowhere worth mentioning.

Oh yeah; my chicken-chaser motorbike has been on eBay since Saturday, and will sell tomorrow. I’m hoping for around £200; it’s already at £125, so I may not be far off the target. That will take a brisk chunk out of my overdraft, which will be further healed by me sticking to my ‘write more, go to the pub less’ regimen (he said hopefully). And speaking of selling things, I’ve put some books on the market at Amazon, which should be visible sometime in the next 24 hours. Any European VCTB readers with a yen for Baen Books’ SF titles or the work of Terry Goodkind should take a look. As an incentive, anyone contacting me about any of these titles and mentioning VCTB can have some money off the asking price – just make sure you contact me before you put the transaction through, so I can alter the price before you buy. There’ll probably be more titles to come in the next week or so, too.

Future events in the pipeline – yours truly is off to the Big Smoke for a dose of culture on Sunday, with some of my co-workers from the library. There’s a Modigliani exhibition at the Royal Academy, don’tcha know. Cameras are forbidden in there by all accounts, but I may try to sneak some cameraphone shots should the opportunity arise – a bit of fine art might brighten VCTB up a little, wot?

Plus next week (Tuesday 18th) sees the latest Cafe Scientifique in the city taking place, and as always I shall be there to blog the whole thing, or as well as I can. This one is all about maths though, so I won’t be quite so in my element as I have been before. No doubt it will still be a fascinating evening – watch this space. Previous reports can be read here and here.
Which reminds me; I’m still midway through an exchange of emails with Prof. Aleksander (who presented the previous Cafe), which should resolve into an interview to be published here in the next few weeks. Conscious machines…real mind-bending stuff.

So, there you have it. A week in the life of a blogging nobody. Now it’s time for me to think about ordering a curry, and getting stuck into the RSS feeds. Thanks for reading!

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