Friday Plant Blogging! Freebies

It’s Friday once again, which can mean only one thing…Friday Plant Blogging!

More mystery plants

To be quite honest with you, I’m not sure what these two little plants are. The round-leafed thing is some sort of crassula-type succulent. The other one is anybody’s guess. These were picked up from outside a florist that was giving away little potted cuttings that they decided they didn’t need – I’m a sucker for freebies, so I took ’em. Why are they in the same pot? Don’t know, that’s how they came. Will one kill the other as they get larger? Good question – think of this as an opportunity for me to gather empirical evidence over time. I really must get a houseplant guide from work so I can identify them – it’s a bit sloppy owning plants that you don’t know the names of.

So, time for your weekly update on the life and times of yours truly. It’s been a pretty good week, all told. My BSFA membership came in the post (I’m member 6488, in case you’re interested), along with a slew of magazines for me to plough through when I get the time. One of my poetry mag subscriptions (‘Obsessed With Pipework’ from Flarestack) came through as well, so plenty to stack in the ‘to read’ pile, as if it wasn’t bloody huge already.

However, I have more important priorities in the reading department. This week I was emailed the entire uncorrected manuscript for the forthcoming Hunters Of Dune novel – the reason being that I will be not only reviewing it for Interzone, but also interviewing the co-authors, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. I’m really stoked about this – it’ll be my first interview to go into print (as opposed to ‘on teh intarwebs’), and it’s a fairly high-profile piece, at least as far as the world of science fiction goes. Thankfully I have a copy of the actual book on its way to me as soon as the publisher can manage it – trying to read a novel in the form of a Word document is not much fun, as some of you may well be aware, and I’m b*ggered if I’ll print out all 670 pages of it.

Talking of interviews, I got some good linkage for my Conscious Machines piece – Centauri Dreams gave it a plug, and it was also picked up by none other than Karl Schroeder, so I’m fairly proud of it. I must have asked some good questions. I need to follow this up with more work, though, so I must find new boffins to grill. I think the people building the new ESA Mars rover are based just outside of town…

And that’s about it, really. I’m working on some poems, and a big piece for next week on the future of content creation, but other than that life is much the same as always – namely overworked and underpaid. Speaking of which, should you happen to be a well-monied and generous soul who enjoys the work I do here at VCTB (which, I’ll admit, must place you in an exceptionally small subset of the human race), feel free to drop some change in the sidebar tip-jar – no donation is too small, and I’ll give you a public thank you for your generosity (unless you prefer to remain anonymous, of course).

Tips or no tips, however, thanks for reading.

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