Friday Plant Blogging! Front Room Fig

The least-mimicked and least interesting meme on the entire intarwebs makes its triumphant return! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…Friday Plant Blogging!

Jarvis the Weeping Fig

That there is Jarvis the Weeping Fig, my oldest plant, who has been in my care since around the turning of the millenium. He lives in the front room, watching over the street while I am absent during the day, but he is a rubbish watch-plant – despite his constant vigilence, people still used to pinch spare parts off of my motorbike right in front of him. I don’t hold it against him, though; we’ve been mates for too long to hold grudges.

He was naught but a brittle twig when he came into my care, but over the years he has grown much taller and bushed out considerably. He’s not expanded much this summer (though leaf cover has become somewhat more dense), so he’s probably due a re-potting. I may do it soon, so as to get it sorted before the cold season, but then again I may leave it until spring next year. Oooh, the dilemma.

Why is he called Jarvis? Because an ex-girlfriend once asked me if he had a name, and I quickly said, “why, of course he does.” So when she asked me what it was, I had to think of something on the spot. I had been listening to Pulp that afternoon. End of anecdote.


Well, this week has been notably less rubbish than last week, in that I haven’t been all spaced out with some weird illness, which is always a good thing. I have also been fairly productive in my off-stage writing (although VCTB has been a little thin on content), and got a few poems drafted, along with the beginnings of what may be a short story that doesn’t actually suck. Doesn’t suck as much as my previous attempts, that is.

I’ve been out for a few rides on the new bike, and my thighs are feeling the unfamiliar punishment. But it feels good to have self-powered wheels again, and the cliche is true – you never forget how to do it. It’ll be a few weeks before I’m back up to decent hops and wheelies, though …

What else? Oh yeah, the Hunters of Dune interview piece is nearly done, and will be submitted tomorrow or Sunday (ahead of deadline, wh00t!). Finished reading Levy’s Icarus last night, and so I’ll get that review done over the weekend also. It may also generate an extra post here on the subject of crafty worldbuilding – it was that good a book. Now that those two are finished, the next item in the reading queue is the feted Infoquake of David Louis Edelman, which I have been very much looking forward to reading. I got through the first three chapters at lunchtime today, and it seems pretty promising so far.

Pipeline action; there’ll be an essay by yours truly at Futurismic on Sunday, which being a total blog whore I shall be linking to from here. Next Tuesday sees the local Cafe Scientifique start a new season, so I’ll be there with notepad and semi-informed questions, so as to furnish VCTB’s readers with some science-type action that isn’t just from the intarwebs (or the inside of my head). This one’s about the existence (or otherwise) of a ‘gene for the mind’, so should be plenty of interesting stuff to report. And I’ll be creeping for an interview again …

So, there we go. That’s you updated on my oh-so-exciting life for another week. Which means that now … it’s curry time! wh00t!

Hasta luego, amigos.

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  1. So happy to see others name their plants . Everyone here makes fun of me !!
    Great discovery to know you are not alone !
    Good luck to you and Jarvis

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