Friday Plant Blogging: jade tree

The day: Friday; the subject: plants; the location: a blog. Yup. It’s Friday Plant Blogging time.


That’s the crassula ovata (or ‘Jade Tree’) that I got last summer; it’s grown considerably since I repotted it a few months back, and shows no sign of slowing down. The other week, I passed a Chinese restaurant that had one in the window … let’s just say they can get pretty damn large.

Slightly less impressive is my poinsettia:


Hmmmph. No red leaves. It seems to have settled down a bit now – I only realised after I’d bought it that it was an unrooted cutting – and is now growing in height, but at the expense of leaves (the lower of which are shedding at the same rate that new ones appear). It too may need repotting sooner rather than later … and seeing as the swiss-cheese plant in my front room has its pot propped with books to prevent it from toppling over, I guess I’d better get some compost fairly soon. Who says houseplants aren’t rock and roll, huh?


It’s been a moderately busy week, marred by the ongoing presence of this damned post-viral syndrome / exhaustion / malaise / whatever-it-is. I thought I’d go see a doctor about it, and rang up to enquire about appointments. Basically, if I’m about to keel over from blood loss or something, I can call at certain times during the day for an emergency appointment on the same day; otherwise, I can book a ‘regular’ appointment, with a waiting time of about ten to twelve days … so I decided to just forget it and hope that a weekend of rest will help shake it off. Makes you proud to pay your taxes, so it does.

Other than that, it’s been a week devoid of interesting things to tell you, really. The only major hoo-hah was John C. Wright’s misinterpretation of my literary elitism post, and my rant in reply – which was made to look very childish by Mr. Wright’s apology. Congratulations, me – I just proved the old (very un-PC and probably NSFW) aphorism about arguing on the internet.

I’ve not even received any reading material through the post, which feels like the first week in months. Probably a good thing, though, as it gives me a chance to attack the backlog.

From the world of self-employment comes a potential red-letter day, however, in that it appears I may have been literally sitting on a potential mass of copywriting work at the Museum. I’m having a meeting next week about it, so wish me luck – some steady paid commissions would be a good thing to get right now.

Next week also sees me trekking up to London to interview an obscure but incredibly influential Swiss indutrial rock band called The Young Gods, which I’m really looking forward to. They’re a great band, and I have some good questions lined up to ask them. If you’ve not heard of them, and you have any interest in avant-garde music using sampled guitars, go give them a listen. Industrial is almost a misnomer for them, really, they’re a unique outfit – and they still sound as way ahead of the pack as they did when they first formed over two decades ago. Provided the recording is listenable, I’ll be posting the interview in audio format here some time in the future.


Well, that’s about your lot, I’m afraid. Possibly the least exciting FPB ever – which in a format this fundamentally dull to start with is an achievement in itself. So I shall bid you all a good weekend, and faff around with a few things before going to fetch The Obligatory Spicy Indian Dish That Must Be Consumed On The Fifth Day Of The Week. Take care, folks.

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