Friday Plant Blogging! New kid in town

How have you survived all week? Waiting, lusting, craving, desparate…for your Friday Plant Blogging fix!

Ah, ain't it cute?

This is the newest addition to the Hall of Mirrors’ vegetable menagerie, purchased while doing the weekly shop last weekend. It looked all small and lonely sat there amongst the lilys and orchids, so I took pity on it and brought it home. Impulse purchase problem, right here.

The little label is a pleasant rarity for me – as most of my plants are donations or rescue cases, I rarely get any information about what they are. With this one though, I know what I’ve got from the outset – it’s a succulent (obviously) of the genus Haworthia (update: some google action indicates it may well be a ‘zebra plant’, haworthia fasciata). I especially like the elegant white frosting – that’ll look pretty cool if it gets big, but going by my prior experience of succulents it may take a fair amount of time for that to happen (update: some further google action indicates it may not get very much more than twice the size it is now). I’ll also have to careful not to overwater it – they’re from Africa, and too much water isn’t something they evolved for.

It’s been a week of ups and downs, I think it’s fair to say. Mostly ups, to be honest, but the serious financial downer of the key-forgetting incident on Tuesday has cast a bit of a shadow over what would otherwise be a decent week. But hey, we’re all about the positive news during Friday Plant Blogging, so let’s not talk of locksmiths and call centres…at least, not until my calm-but-furious letter to their customer services manager gets an answer.


OK, so book and magazine traffic for the week has been moderately brisk. The latest F&SF winged its way from the US on Wednesday, serving only to remind me that I still haven’t read the last one (my first issue, too). I started it, but the first story wasn’t too inspiring, and I’ve not been back to it since. It’ll probably have to wait until I’ve chewed through Hunters of Dune, though – which is presenting challenges of its own, not due to being boring, but due to being (by necessity) heavy on the backstory at the beginning. I’ll get my stride with it over the weekend, I’m sure.

This week’s other big arrival was picked up from the post office this afternoon, namely a package from the reviews ed. at Vector, containing the latest Roger Levy novel, Icarus. I’ve not yet read any Levy, but have heard great things about him – apparently, he writes a mean dystopia, so he should be right up my street. Better still, I’m assuming the arrival of another assignment so soon means that my first piece was up to scratch – maybe even pretty good, who knows? The only downside is that the deadline is almost coincident with the deadline for the Hunters… piece for Interzone. I’ll cope somehow. 🙂

I’ve also dug out a book on the history of the Orient Express from the store at work, which is probably a little foolish given the list of stuff I have to read at the moment. But it is the first tentative stage of a somewhat nebulous long-range project I’ve been considering for some time, of which more anon.

So, that’s about it for FPB this week; there’s some more news, but the details aren’t certain, so I guess I’ll hold off on that until I have the whole picture. Just to let you know, there’ll be a special feature for the weekend warriors tomorrow morning – kind of an experiment, and kind of a tentative attempt at getting some of my more creative work out onto the intarwebs. Watch this space! Cheers for reading.

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  1. The zebra plant is indeed beautiful and the best thing is-that just like the snake plant it is so easy to look after, especially during the winter u can get away with watering it even twice a month. Ur right about its growth, however note that it may be slow at growing and suddenly shoot up, that can even take years but dont forget to repot it when it does!

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