Friday Plant Blogging! Peter Piper better keep his hands off

It happens on a Friday. It appears on a blog. It’s about plants. Must be…Friday Plant Blogging!

Now all I need is a chilli plant to match..

Yet another new addition to the household – not that I’m buying more plants just for the sake of keeping FPB running or anything. Hell no; that would be rather sad, wouldn’t it?

Caught sight of a tray of these miniature capsicum pepper plants on my way home from the weekly grocery grab, and couldn’t resist (I got another cactus too, but we’ll save that for another day). Apparently those peppers there are perfectly edible, although they are so small that you’d need about six to actually make a decent contribution to a meal. I’ve not tried one yet – it’ll be an odd experience to eat something that actually grows in my home.

I’ll have to be careful with this plant though; I had one of those ornamental pepper plants before, but killed it off within a fortnight by overwatering it. So until this one is positively drooping, it’s getting nothing to drink. The seat-of-the-pants horticulturist has spoken.


Well, it’s not been the most exciting of weeks, to be honest – the day job has seemed never-ending, and I’m back in for a full day tomorrow after ten hours today. The second week of my four-week timetable sucks badly. Meh. Though I judged another heat of the local battle of the bands last night, and the winning act were bloody fantastic. If you dig stuff like Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Muse and Oceansize, I heartily recommend you pay a vist to the website of Last Days Of Lorca.

So, no magazines to report, and no book purchases apart from some withdrawn stock from work (some of which may get an airing when I have more time than I have today). The 2Gb memory card for my new N80 came from eBay yesterday, but my new Titanium Cruzer E3 USB stick has yet to arrive – I’m hoping for tomorrow on that one. Because I really don’t have enough technogadgetry already, not at all…

Looking forward to a lazy bank holiday weekend, once work is done with tomorrow. The only item on the agenda (besides bashing away at this keyboard as per usual) is a trip to the cinema to see A Scanner, Darkly with a friend from work. You can expect a full review, of course – I’ll bet you can’t wait!

That’s all for now, then. I’ve got some swift Futurismic blogging to do before heading out for a well-deserved and badly-wanted beer or three. Hasta luego, amigos.

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