Friday Plant Blogging! Rubber soul

You know the drill by now, I’m sure…it’s Friday, so we’re plant blogging! wh00t!

Not made of rubber at all, as it happens.

That is a rubber plant which was donated to me by an ex-girlfriend’s mother, believe it or not (so it’s not a Chinese fake that I bought from a rubber man in a town full of rubber plants). I was just starting to get into collecting plants, and when the lady in question heard, she was delighted to foist off an over-large rubber plant on me. I think this one’s fairly pot-bound now; it’s only put on a couple of sections in the last year. It lurks on the chest of drawers at the foot of my bed, enjoying the sun through the south-facing window while I’m at work.

Why the hell are they called rubber plants, anyhow? They aren’t made of rubber, nor do they provide it. Silly nomenclature. Bah.

Well, it’s been a fairly uneventful week, with yesterday’s awesome ego-boost left aside. Still waiting on the number-swap before I can shift over to the Nokia N80 (although it was used to do the picture above)…still waiting on my new bike, because the manufacturer (Felt Bikes) is just shifting over to the new 2007 models, and hence there is a two week delay on delivery (but it will look like this when it arrives)…last night’s Battle of the Bands was a lively event with a clear winner, and I got rather smashed for free (and then felt like death all day at work, karma fans). Oh, and I have just received the first guest essay for Futurismic, and it looks great. Full announcement of that on Sunday.

So, that’s what you get – no impassioned blather about my life whatsoever. To be honest, it’s probably because I had the Friday curry before doing this post, and I now have full-stomach lethargy in a major way. Welcome to the weekend!

Right, real work to do; hasta luego, amigos.

4 thoughts on “Friday Plant Blogging! Rubber soul”

  1. this is not a rubber plant you douche. it’s called a swiss cheese plant. you would think you would make sure before you put this info up on the web!

  2. Thanks for that, daniel; that post’s been sat on the internet for over two years now, polluting the universe with its wrongness. Good thing you turned up with your Mighty Powers of Being Right, eh?

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