Friday Plant Blogging! Spider plant

It’s located on a blog, it occurs on Fridays and usually contains plants. Hell knows why they called it Friday Plant Blogging…

Making a break for freedom...

Ah, the humble spiderplant. Could there be a more widely-known, ubiquitous and impossible-to-kill houseplant on the face of the planet? Surely not. Here is one of mine, which has sprouted a few of those ‘child plants’ that the species uses to colonise further. Having found no soil amongst some of my books to take root in, they just kinda dangle there. I like that – it looks like it’s trying to colonise the entire flat, just very slowly.


Well, those of you who actually bother to read FPB posts are getting short shrift this week, because I’m feeling remarkably ill – to the extent of wondering why exactly I’m making myself do what is ultimately a novelty space-filling post on a small-circulation blog. But that’s just how much love I have for you people. Dedication – the words of Roy Castle have stuck with me over the years.*

I will take the time to mention some new arrivals of reading material, though:

One Interzone, one F&SF - w00t!

The latest Interzone, of course – with a spanking good cover, too. We like big rusty-looking robots. With spears. Yes.

Also the latest F&SF, which serves to remind me there are two issues previous to that one that I still haven’t read yet. I’m getting well behind in my reading, a situation that must be remedied. However, given the state of my health today I can foresee a lot of reading being done this evening, as long as I manage to eat something and don’t fall asleep immediately afterwards. A perusal of the contents page offers one little gem, though, which is that Harlan Ellison has trademarked his own name, so it gets listed as Harlan Ellison®. I’m sure there are perfectly sensible reasons for doing that, but it’s always struck me as looking more than a little silly and pretentious. I wonder if ‘that incident’ should therefore have been described as The Boob-grope®?

Anyway, that’s your lot for FPB this week. If you want an indicator of how rough I’m feeling, I’m foregoing the Friday Night Curry – when you consider that the FNC is the closest thing to a religious observance that I perform, you will realise I am not a happy bunny in the stomach department.

* Note for US readers – Roy Castle used to perform a song called ‘Dedication’ at the close of his TV show ‘Record Breakers’, which aired for most of the years of my childhood. And a rousing inspirational tune it was, too.

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  1. I forgot to ask, why do you have William Gibson’s name on your list of authors but not Bruce Sterling? The Holy Fire has got to be one of the most aesthetically beautiful yet meaty-with-technology books ever written! And the Difference Engine cowritten by the two of them isn’t too bad either.

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