Friday Plant Blogging! The other type of plant

A little twist in the format for this week’s Friday Plant Blogging…


Velcro City seems perpetually marred by roadworks and improvement projects of one type or another. Recently there’s been some major road resurfacing just a few blocks from the Hall of Mirrors, which means yours truly has been able to get his big-bloody-machines geek on. Having finally adjusted to the idea that I always have a camera with me, I’m actually remembering to use it occasionally to capture stuff I like the look of. It also means that I can use the Flickr account that has sat fairly dormant since late last year … so, you lucky people, here are some pictures of a dirty great asphalt laying machine. I like the caterpillar tracks especially.


Allow me to re-emphasise the sheer bulk of the thing:


I have no idea why I find complex heavy machinery so aesthetically interesting. Amateur Freudians, please get in touch – I could do with a good laugh …

Well … another week, another wageslip. It’s been fairly busy, despite a fair amount of time off work. But that time off was of course entirely for the purpose of going to the BSFA meet in London, and the peripheral catchings-up that it necessitated.Slightly less exciting events this week (for you lot at least) involved getting my utility meters changed on Thursday – no more running out of gas halfway through a meal or bath and having to run to the shop with the payment card! No more waking up late for work because the electric has run out and the antique clock radio runs off the mains! Lower energy rates! Convenience! w00t! Well, I’m impressed at least. It’s all part of my preparations for the encroachment of winter, y’see. The dark seasons are the enemy – the enemy must be fortified against. Yes.Not much mailbox traffic – South poetry magazine turned up, plus some bills and other tedium. So no incoming sf reading material this week, although I did subscribe to the beleaguered Apex Digest at the behest of half the genre blogosphere. I also bit the bullet and decided I was long overdue for signing up for Locus, only to find that they take credit cards and nothing else. Damn it … I’m hoping I can wangle them into taking Paypal for it instead. I’ve never had a credit card, and I’m not about to start now, Locus or no Locus.

Plans for the weekend involve the usual domestic toil (laundry, shopping et al) plus a fair dose of reading and writing, circumstance permitting. I should also have my mate Andy the Chippy coming round on Sunday to put up a whole load of shelves, which means that my evergrowing book collection won’t have to stand in stacks on every available surface any more. Which will be excellent – then all I’ll have to do is sort by genre, then by author surname, and put the non-fiction in strict Dewey (version 23) order

… what can I say? You work in a library, things rub off on you a bit. Take care, people.

[EDIT: Oh yeah, finally got sick of the slick-looking but utterly clunky and user-unfriendly Newsgator online, and made the shift to Bloglines. To vindicate my decision, loads of feeds that I had forgotten I’d subbed to turned up when I imported my OPML – never trust web2.0 action that *looks* funky, it’s probably hiding crap functionality. Check my Bloglines profile out, if you like.]

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  1. It’s worth noting that by “credit card” they mean “bit of plastic”. I’ve been successfully paying for my sub with my debit card for several years now.

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