Friday Plant Pushbike Blogging!

In a break from convention, no photos of the household flora this week…instead, I shall take this opportunity to perform some unseemly braggartry about a newly-acquired material possession:

Felt Sector24 BMX Cruiser

That is my long-awaited new ride, a Felt Bikes ‘Sector24’ BMX cruiser. For those who don’t know (but do care), a cruiser is essentially a frame with BMX geometry, but sized up to run on 24″ rims instead of 20″. They’re designed for competition racing, really. I got one because as much as I love to ride BMX, I’m a lanky b*gger, and modern frames are just to short for me to ride comfortably. Cruisers are just about right for me (although I still end up with my knees around ear-level when at the top of the pedal-stroke, but so does anyone except midgets).

Why this instead of a sensible commuter bike or MTB, you ask? I started riding BMX the first time they came round, back in around 1985. I wasn’t too hot then (at age eight), and I’m still not hot now – I’ve just always preferred the feel and ride position of BMX bikes to any others, probably due to having spent more time on them than any other type. Plus, no fiddly gears and frippery to mess around with and go wrong. So, I’m not a Johnny-come-lately, though I could probably be accused of trying to recapture a youth that seems increasingly distant…meh. So sue me. 🙂


Ugh, what a week. Regular readers will be aware that I’ve been unwell since about Tuesday. The worst of the bug seems to have dissipated, but now the sore throat is developing properly. That I can deal with – coughing sucks, but not as much as being all strung-out, dizzy and tired constantly. The last few days at work have not been pleasant. I probably should have taken some sick leave, but I stupidly did the honorable thing – the trouble is that I actually respect my co-workers, and I’d feel guilty if I took time off without being literally unable to work. How (self)righteous am I? (Rhetorical question, BTW.)

Today has been my day off, though (as I’m working tomorrow), so I’ve mostly been mooching around the house, doing the weekly shopping, and all that other domestic crap that seems to consume my free days. I did go out on the new ride though, with the intent of exercising the last of this cold out of my system. It’s been a lovely day, weather-wise, so I went down to the seafront:

Sunlight on seawater, plus boats

Rather idyllic, wot? It was a trifle windy, but that’s fairly usual here in Velcro City. What was less usual was the plume of smoke above Gosport (the town just across the harbour water), which you may be able to make out in this shot:

Smoke over Gosport...

I can’t find anything about a fire on any local news sites, so maybe someone was just burning off some rubbish behind an industrial unit or something. Hmmph. Whatever.

So, as you can guess, it’s been a slow week. I managed to get the Hunters of Dune review sent off, and am just waiting for Kevin Anderson’s replies to come back via email so I can finish the interview. In the meantime, I’m reading Roger Levy’s Icarus, which (without giving the game away too much) is a superb piece of work so far. Other than that, nothing much to report from the Hall of Mirrors. I hope to get back up to speed with posting here over the weekend. In the meantime, I hope your weekends are enjoyable, and filled with stuff you enjoy.

Y’know, like, not being ill and stuff? 😉

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