From Cthulhu to Cute-thulhu!

How awesomely evil and simultaneously cute is this?

My Little Cthulhu by Dreamland Toyworks

That is the ‘My Little Cthulhu’ toy from Dreamland Toyworks – complete with two terrified screaming mortals for him to grip!

But if toys are not enough, and you hanker for some Elder God action with a Japanese flavour, you should probably go and get your free download of ‘Pokethulhu – the RPG’.

Should you (or a fleshy mortal close to you) have need or want of a plush Cthulhu (like this one seen eating the brain of science fiction author Iain M. Banks earlier this year), or any of his fuzzy-yet-evil buddies, you’ll want to be heading over to the ToyVault website.

All today’s tentacle-related linkage shamelessly lifted from Metafilter. VCTB has covered Cthulhu graffiti, and Cthulhu warning signs and webcomics already, BTW.

One thought on “From Cthulhu to Cute-thulhu!”

  1. I don’t know if you have seen this one. Hello Cthulhu chronicles His time in the cute and fluffy world of Hello Kitty. Dagon runs a fish and chip shop – very funny!
    I used the Christmas page for my cards this year.

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