Fu Manchu, The Young Gods – interviews and live reviews

This is a little off-topic for VCTB, perhaps, but I feel I’m entitled to a bit of self-aggrandisement every once in a while.

So it is with great pride that I link you towards my (site-leader) interview with Bob Balch, guitarist of desert-rock veterans Fu Manchu, and my review of Fu Manchu playing Southampton’s Nexus with support from the excellent Valient Thorr.

Any VCTB regulars who read a lot of (or indeed any) music journalism, please give me some feedback – it’s hard to be objective sometimes, and my editor at that site is too busy to critique my work before publishing it …

… oooh, added bonus: my interview/review combo piece with Franz Triechler of Swiss industrial act The Young Gods is also available on teh intartoobs.

And I’m off to review Electric Six tomorrow night. Rock and roll, eh?

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