Good Friday

No, nothing to do with that fellow who rolled away the stone. I don’t do much ‘personal life’ blogging, but I thought I’d just pat myself on the back a little today; it’s not often that a writer as junior as myself gets published twice in one day!

First off, the new issue of Interzone, the UK’s longest running science fiction magazine, came out today; near the back in the reviews section is my write-up on the new Vernor Vinge novel, ‘Rainbows End’. An excellent book, and one of my better reviews, if I do say so myself. This means I can put up my work from the last issue here at VCTB, so the next few days should see a review of David Marusek‘s ‘Counting Heads’ materialise on these pages.

Secondly, Jeremy at Futurismic has just run my article on Eastercon 2006 – complete with pictures, no less. So go take a look, if you don’t check Futurismic already. If anything I say here interests you, Futurismic should be right up your street too. Click on through!

Thirdly, got another link-back from Technovelgy, who I’ve plugged here a few times. Another great SF/tech site, and rapidly becoming VCTB’s closest online ally (which isn’t saying much for them, but a lot for me…thanks, guys).

So, not a bad day at all, as far as writing goes. So much so that I think I’ll go to the pub in short order…so if tomorrow’s daily links post is a bit sparse, you’ll know why!

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