Goths get good jobs

An article in the Guardian, written by a former Goth, expounds the view that Goths are quite likely to go on to be successful career-types in later life. The argument being that Goths are likely to be the more intellectually advanced kids in their age group, and that they stumble into the angst-driven subculture because they start asking awkward questions about the world around them earlier on.

I’m not sure how to take this article, to tell the truth; to believe it wholeheartedly would feel like pandering to my own sense of intellectual superiority (as I was *very* Gothique back in the early 90s). To discount it would be to go against what seems to be genuine sociological research (albeit research done by another ex-Goth who may well have subconciously sought the data that would produce this result in some kind of self-justification scenario). I think on balance I’ll just file it under ‘interesting, and somewhat humourous’.

After all, the thought of the neaderthals I went to school with having their root-canal dentistry work or their accounting done by the skinny weirdos they used to pick on at school brings me a certain sense of karmic satisfaction…

Link blood-sucked from BoingBoing.

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