Grasping the future – open thread

A good Monday to you all. I’ve been a busy person. You’ll be so proud of me!

As mentioned on Friday, I’ve just been promoted to Essays Editor over at Futurismic. Hence I’ve had a busy Sunday of sending emails, polishing up a piece of work and posting it – all in addition to the regular weekend demands on my time. I’ve also prewritten my Tuesday morning post (oooh, the suspense), because Monday night sees me out judging at the local Battle of the Bands competition, which will leave me insufficient time (and probably sobriety) to write a proper article in addition to my daily link trawling.

“So, no Monday morning piece for us, then?” Au contraire, my friends! There’s a piece of my writing just waiting for you to read it – it’s just over at Futurismic instead of here. What a fine excuse for you to mouse on over to the site that gave me my first real break as a blogger – and there’s lots more to see there, too. Futurismic publishes an original piece of science fiction every month, and they’re well worth a read. So go check it out. There’ll be good stuff here tomorrow (about libraries, print-on-demand and other stuff), and you’ll hardly notice I’ve been gone.

Feel free to comment away below, about the future, the environment, or tropical fish, whatever…I’m not giving up on this open thread idea, you know. Anyway, it’s Monday, and you know you don’t want to start working yet. Thanks for visiting!

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