Grokster throws in the towel…but I don’t hear any fat lady singing

Grokster quits file-sharing fight

The world’s legal systems have finally nailed one of the multitude of peer-to-peer file-share networks; Grokster have capitulated and paid up to the entertainment industries to avoid further prosecution.Wow, I’ll bet all you file-sharers are bricking it. Out of the millions of us you out there, they must have busted something near to a thousandth of a percent of us you! And once they’ve got loads more draconian and dodgy DRM software to keep you all in line, no doubt you’ll all go straight back to paying throught the nose for a product that costs peanuts to manufacture. It’s what any right-minded consumer would do, surely? After all, if you react to misappropriation of your product by a minority by punishing the people who actually play by the rules, you’re bound to reap the rewards of a returning customer base. I’m sure the Bit-Torrent people are drawing up a surrender letter right now…there’ll be more on this in an on-going type of way. If you listen to music or watch films at home (and that’s most of us, I guess), this is the fat topic of the moment, and it’s going to roll for some time.

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