Hacker convention badges …

DefCon 13 2005

Originally uploaded by eliotphillips.

… are way cooler looking than any sf con badges I’ve seen so far.

My sf-nal brethren, this ires me deeply. There were sf cons way before there were hacker cons. Hell, there were sf cons way before there were hackers, full stop.

The next con bid I vote for will be the one that promises badges with the same degree of awesome as the one above, or the others from the same Flickr set. Who’s with me?

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4 thoughts on “Hacker convention badges …”

  1. Speaking as someone who has produced con badges, I’d love to have done something like the above, if only I’d had a budget of more than 70p per badge, which to put it into context, is about half what it would cost to make just the lanyard on the above badge. Also, those badges don’t appear to be name badges, and producing a few hundred identical badges is easier and cheaper than producing a few hundred unique badges. Still, one can hope, perhaps a con committee will see the value in spending 10 per cent of the con budget on the badges. In the meantime, all suggestions gratefully accepted, as I’ll be making the badges for Redemption ’09.

  2. I was being ever so slightly facetious, Eddie … but your point is well made. Maybe you could arrange to charge a ‘funky badge supplement’ for those who wanted them? 😉

  3. I have some ideas:
    Flashing Lights
    Badges that play tunes like those birthday cards you open that sing.

    Can you do those for 70p?

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