Hacking the body-clock

Via the indispensible LifeHacker comes a post from a guy who has managed to completely master his sleep patterns and free up more productive time in his day to day life:

“From 4-6 AM, I simply get a ton of things done. In fact, I’d argue that I get more done from 4-6 AM than I do from 8-Noon. No matter what I decide to do, it’s uninterrupted simply because no one else is awake and functioning. It’s purely a time for knocking out tasks (work or home related), reading, project work, planning, etc. It’s great.

My life was not always this way, I used to be the guy that stayed up late and woke up with barely enough time to shower before work. So, how did I change that? It’s actually pretty simple, I installed a regimen that I have now followed for years. On average, I believe that I have given myself an extra 5 hours per week or (do the math) an extra 10.8 days per year to get stuff done.”

Discipline appears to be the key. (Damn it, why is it always discipline, my Achilles heel?) I may experiment with this system myself – the idea of a short kip around lunchtime certainly has appeal, as does the notion of being able to bound out of bed in the mornings with the will (and ability) to get some work done …

I’m not expecting instant results, however. I’ve also got a whole lot of deadlines coming to a peak over the next few weeks (some of which involve actually getting paid for my work), I’m learning the Reviews Ed. ropes for Interzone, and I have to start reading up for the SF Foundation Masterclass next month … which is a roundabout way of saying that blogging may be a little skinny here at VCTB for a little while. Then again, I’ve said that before, and not really cut back much at all, so who knows! But I thought it only polite to mention it.

Hope you’re all getting done the things that you need doing!

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