Hazards of the future

Posted by Paul Raven @ 12-10-2006 in General

These are, quite frankly, brilliant:

Cognitive Hazard!

Thanks to George Dvorsky, I came across a set of hazard warning signs for the future, thought up by neuroscientist and transhumanist philosopher Anders Sandberg. There is a detailed explanation of each idea on his blog … I like the way that these are simultaneously funny and serious, a nicely hyperbolic way of presenting the risks of a changing world. Go take a look at the Flickr set of all nineteen signs. I think I’ll email this to Bruce Sterling, too; strikes me as the sort of thing he’d enjoy.

Given that today finds me mentally disadvantaged due to the second head-cold within a month (oh, the joys of working with the public), I found this one rather apposite for my current state of mind:

Motivational Hazard!

You may have guessed that I’m not working on the story tonight; it’s taken me four hours of yawning, itchy eyes and coughing to get the daily blogging done. Luckily I have a half day tomorrow, so I can do double-time and play catch-up. As for now, it’s bed-time.

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  1. links for 2006-10-13 -- Chip’s Quips says:

    [...] Warning Signs – a photoset on Flickr Better learn these, you may need them soon. Thanks, Armchair Anarchist. (tags: humor signs) [...]

  2. Bruce Sterling says:

    Thanks for mailing that! I blogged it today.

  3. Armchair Anarchist says:

    My privilege, Mr. Sterling. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Velcro City Tourist Board » Blog Archive » Friday Pier Blogging! says:

    [...] Secondly, there’s been little excitement in the plant department recently – no new acquisitions, and little growth due to the encroaching autumn. So I’ll have to find other things starting with ‘p’ to take pistures of for a little while, at least until the Christmas Cacti go into flower (if they do so this year). Suggestions for ‘p’-word things for me to show-and-tell more than welcome – we aim to please. It’s not been the most exciting of weeks, to tell the truth. No new books or magazines to report as the new Vector hasn’t yet arrived, thanks to the vaguaries of the local postal service – two miles from a major sorting office, and I still get things days late. Then again, the Royal Mail are on their yearly seasonal temp recruitment drive, which means that the library is flooded with people trying to apply for delivery jobs online. Some of whom (I kid you not) cannot read or write, and have only come down to apply so that they can tell their benefits advisors that they are ‘actively looking for work’. (If that sounds a little harsh, well, tough. It’s been one of those days.)The only major event of the week was probably Bruce Sterling emailing me to thank me for the tip-off on the ‘warning signs for the future’ that I found via George Dvorsky. Because, after all, it’s not every day that a world famous author and visionary drops you an email to say thanks. So, you’ll forgive me for wearing my chufty badge* this evening, I hope. [...]

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