Hazards of the future

These are, quite frankly, brilliant:

Cognitive Hazard!

Thanks to George Dvorsky, I came across a set of hazard warning signs for the future, thought up by neuroscientist and transhumanist philosopher Anders Sandberg. There is a detailed explanation of each idea on his blog … I like the way that these are simultaneously funny and serious, a nicely hyperbolic way of presenting the risks of a changing world. Go take a look at the Flickr set of all nineteen signs. I think I’ll email this to Bruce Sterling, too; strikes me as the sort of thing he’d enjoy.

Given that today finds me mentally disadvantaged due to the second head-cold within a month (oh, the joys of working with the public), I found this one rather apposite for my current state of mind:

Motivational Hazard!

You may have guessed that I’m not working on the story tonight; it’s taken me four hours of yawning, itchy eyes and coughing to get the daily blogging done. Luckily I have a half day tomorrow, so I can do double-time and play catch-up. As for now, it’s bed-time.

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