Hey, DJ – where’s the space?

Just a quick one – the inestimable Philip Palmer (who’s a much less scary man in person than his author photo might have you believe*) has very kindly played host to my marginal music taste in his regular Wednesday “SSF song-of-the-week” slot over on his own website. So go listen, why don’t you?

[ * He said that if I didn’t say that he’d cut off all my toes. One at a time. With a garlic crusher. SRSLY. ]

2 thoughts on “Hey, DJ – where’s the space?”

  1. If you attend Odyssey at Heathrow this Easter, you will see a number of highly regarded science fiction writers who are limping badly – these are the ones who REFUSED to choose a track for the SFF Song of the Week on Debatable Spaces.

    It is indeed a very cool song. And the lyrics are stunning. Thanks Paul.

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