High hopes for clean energy sources

Sterling D. Allan, in contrast to a lot of the more doom-laden 2006-prediction posts out there at the moment, has some encouraging insights into what the next year might hold as far as efficient and clean sources of energy are concerned.

From my perspective as a journalist reporting on cutting-edge clean-energy technologies, I will say that it is obvious to me that a renewable-energy revolution is firmly under way. Clean energy is becoming the vogue, and will become as important – and as ‘cool’ as – computer gadgets, if not more so. David Bowie’s playing the role of Nikola Tesla in the upcoming movie, “The Prestige”, is likely to create yet more mainstream interest in this energy genius, who is considered by many to be the Father of Free Energy. July 10, 2006 will mark 150 years since Tesla’s birth, which may add significant spark toward the international adoption of the anniversary Global Energy Independence Day.

I personally find the tracking of these things fascinating and exciting, and I don’t think that is just because it’s my specialty. Nearly every day, from somewhere around the planet, there is at least one story that is about some new way of boosting the efficiency of energy generation, some new way of harnessing the wheelwork of nature in all its vast manifestations: geothermal, solar, hydro, magnets, tide, waves, waste, rivers, electrical microorganisms, betavoltaics, etc. These manifestations range from the macro scale such as seen in lightning and wind, to the micro scale latent in the atom or even down to the zero point.

Cheering thoughts indeed. Maybe if some of this comes to pass, we’ll see a drop in interest in the practice of ‘liberating’ countries that have vast untapped reserves of fossil fuels. Personally, I’d like to see the UK government doing something similar to Germany’s incentives for citizens to install systems like solar power in their homes; they can even sell back their excess to the national grid. So fingers crossed for a future where the climate of our planet ceases to develop into the karmic revenge of hydrocarbons.

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  1. Well thank you, but I fear you have misunderstood; the indented words are not mine! I am (unfortunately) no energy journalist but a humble library assistant…the word are by the guy mentioned in the top paragraph, follow the link to read the rest. And thanks for looking a VCTB!

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