Home hi-fi without the rat-nest

I love music, me. I’m cranking out The Mars Volta nice and loud, much to the distress of the guy upstairs. Couldn’t live without my stereo, no sir. But I could live without that big mess of speaker cables, that’s for sure.

So when I saw this Engadget post about a new range of Bluetooth wireless hi-fi speakers, well, I nearly wet myself with desire. Just stream audio from any Bluetooth device (your phone perhaps, or maybe your PC), and have it come out in perfect hi-fi glory without the need for any tedious and unsightly cabling. Fantastic.

Also mentioned are the Bluetooth picture frames from the same company. Just call up your favourite pix on your phone, and ‘tooth them over to be displayed in an attractive format on your wall.

The future is now! w00t!

3 thoughts on “Home hi-fi without the rat-nest”

  1. what exactly does ‘you can stream 16-bit audio’ from that link mean in this context, and when is the world going to realise that anything less than 16-bit 44.1Khz CD quality IS A STEP BACKWARDS!

  2. agreed. wireless technology is at its best, especially with all those wires… but Paul is right, someone wants to have that crisp clear quality, and for that Bluetooth just doesn’t cut it, unfortunately. unless you have ~96 kbps-quality music, but that should not be the case, when MOST downloadable MP3s are at +192 kbps… Bluetooth needs another little hand to get to real proper HQ sound

  3. i never heard any wireless speaker that sounds good.
    wires are not modern or good looking but better for the sound.

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